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Chapter 4: resolution

     Meanwhile, the spirits of the netherworld were dealing with their own problems.  Inside the council chambers, a meeting of universal importance was about to take place.  The council leaders were gathering to discuss a solution to this new problem, Apathicon.
     "Is everything set up?" Asked the Cerephyn councillor.
     "Yes Madam Councillor," replied one of the angels. 
     "Our 'guest' is very particular," She cautioned, "These are extreme circumstances we are under so lets be careful."
     A sound of footsteps came down the hallway, they first saw him when he came around the corner.  Satan himself was the guest.  Completely ill-impressed with the very existence af Apathicon and deeply concerned with the new 'leadership' of Purgatory, he arrived to hold a meeting with the rest of the secular committee.  He and two of his minions approached the entrance to the chambers and stopped before the Cerephyn councillor.
     "Greetings," He stated, in his most polite tone, "I trust everything is ready."
     "Greetings," nodded Madam Councillor, "And yes, everything is set to go."
     "Then let us begin," Satan stated.  He motioned to the two minions and they all followed two Angels into the Council chamber.
     Inside, the tiers were filled with Angels, council leaders from all the dominions.  Every league and choir was represented, the perimeter glowed with white robes, shiny wings reflected the radiance from the hundreds of halos that shone over them.  The giant room was bathed in light except for one full tier.  One length and level of chamber bureaus was black,  only fire emitted from this teir.  A miniature version of hell was specially created here in the council chambers to make Satan feel at home for the meetings.
     An angel led Satan and his minion escorts to their tier.  The Devil politely bowed respect to the usher and entered his area.  There he confidently prepared himself and got into a comfortable postion to hear the opening comments.
     On the floor, the Cerephyn Councillor walked with her notebooks.  A long wooden table stood before her.  Below her was a floor that looked like marble and glowed brightly, reflecting the angels' lights.
     She put her notebooks down on the table and motioned that the meeting was to commence.  A silence fell over the chambers and the lights dimmed slightly as the angels began to concentrate on the upcoming preceedings.
     "As we are all aware," The Madam Councillor started, "We now have a problem with the arrival of this 'Purgatory God'.  This new problem is now our top priority as to the severe implications it can have on all of us."
     "I was told your 'Re-incarnation policy' was to prevent this sort of thing."  Satan said loudly.
     "You are correct," Madam Councillor stated, "Of course, this new problem has more to it then we could see."
     "See or control," Ares stated, walking of the council floor and approaching Madam Councillor, "Having a party and you didn't invite me?  I'm hurt."  He motioned, putting his hands on his heart.
     "This is a secure meeting," Madam Councillor said firmly, "Pagans are not supposed to be present."
     "Oh, well I guess we'll have to bend that rule a bit now won't we." Ares retorted.  He put his hands down and began to pace while talking, "What you consider a 'problem', I consider a 'masterpiece'.  You see, Apathicon, is my creation."
     A loud gasp came over the Angels.  Satan raised a wall of fire and showed his rage.  Over the noise and confusion Ares continued his speech.
    "Yes, Me, Ares, I have created Apathicon.  I built him, nurtured him, let him grow up to be the beautful thing that he is." He boasted.
    The noise of the crowd subsided as the Cerephyn Councillor approached the Pagan.
     "What is it you want?" She asked firmly.
     "Everything." He replied.  An awkward silence fell over the council chambers.  "I want to see the glory of Mount Olympus be brought to a new apex.  I want to see everyone bow before us and give us all that they are. I want to see all of you suffer for what you done unto us." He speech was taken seriously as the crowd remained quiet.
     "So, that's all this is?" Asked the Councillor, "Standard revenge?  Nothing else too elaborate?"
     "Oh, there is nothing 'Standard' about this," He explained, "Our glory was not to be denied, we were the first to be recognized."
     "Ares," She reasoned, "You know we're not going to bow down to your demands."
     "I have armies destroying your strongholds!" Satan yelled out, "You cannot win this."
     "Oh but I can," Ares warned, "Even as we speak, Hades is putting the finishing touches on our latest effort."
     "Where is this...Effort?" Satan questioned, "Show us."
     "In due time," Ares said calmly, "But for now I'll just say we perfected the formula."
     "What formula?" Madam Councillor inquired, "Our intelligence has eyes on you that even we don't about.  If you had anything, we'd know."
     "Oh, really?" He responded, "Then you would know that Hades and I have built a weapon.  A weapon of ungodly proportions one might say.  In fact, this 'weapon' has been proven to remove the 'Immortal' qualities of Hercules some millenia ago.  Only now, Hades and I have perfected it.  Perfected the secret formula, perfected the delivery system and yes perfected it's abilty to kill anyone.  Even Gods."
     "You think you can kill a God?!" Satan yelled out his query, "That's unheard of."
     "Only until now," Ares replied.
     "Okay," Started Madam Councillor, "Let's say you are capable of this act.  You do realize a 'weapon' of such power is strictly banned by the treatise.  You do remember the Treatise?  It's still applicable you know?"
     "Only to those who have signed it," Ares said confidently, "I have here a copy of said Treatise.  Lets see, there's You guys, Satan, Zues, oh look there's my signature, Venus, Thor, etc...  Lo and behold no Apathicon.  Now here is a God.  Purgatory is hardly a valued property I admit but he is happy there and seeing as he's not in on our little agreement, he can do whatever he wants."
     "So this is why you built him," Madam Councillor started, "You are truly sick."
     "And what of this 'Apathicon' when he's done your bidding?" Satan asked.
     "Does it matter," Ares said, "Lucifer, we are all here to serve our purpose.  Even you know that.  When he's done his job, he's done."
     "The treatise gets broken and all things go chaotic," Madam Councillor said sadly.
     "You could say, please pardon the pun Louie, all hell breaks loose." Ares commented with a grin.
     A serious uproar eminated from the gallery.  Voices upon voices of conversation, hundreds of spirits who were deeply concerned at this new development.  What was to be done?  The noise became deafening, one could barely hear the Cerephyn Councillor banging her fists on the table to regain order.  Then the voices subsided again and silence was restored.
     "As you can see, Madam Councillor, I am holding the winning hand." Ares stated.
     "What makes you think this 'Apathicon' will commit your crimes?" Satan asked, "He is not with you now?"
     "Oh," Ares sighed, "I know I can make him do everything I tell him to."
     "Where did you get the bruised eye?" Madam Councillor asked.
     "Nevermind that," He responded, "Apathicon is mine and he will do as I command.  Of course this is all avoidable if you simply do one thing."
     "And that is?"
     "Surrender," Ares said, "Give up, quit, you know you are already defeated so just admit it unto yourselves and do the right thing.  Only you can stop the killing."
     "Never!" Satan exclaimed as a wall of fire rose around him, flaring up and lighting the chambers.
     "Then pay the consequence," Ares said calmly, "I've made my point here so now I will leave you."
     On that note, Ares vanished. 
     A serious quiet fell over the chambers as the reality of his threats was pondered.  Whispers started at the higher tiers, 'What if he could do this?' 
'How can we defend ourselves?'  Soon the voices grew louder and the crescendo of discussion was echoing loudly throughout the chambers. 
     Again, the Cerephyn Councillor called them to order and silence was restored.
     "Assuming all that he said was accurate," Started Madam Councillor, "We are all at risk.  This weapon knows no limits and we must lookout for ourselves and each other."
     "That is your advice??!" Satan yelled.
     "It's the best we can do for now," She reminded, "Until our intelligence returns with more information.  We cannot just jump to conclusions and do something rash."
     "Agreed," A voice yelled from a tier, followed by others in agreement.
     "This meeting is called to recess," Madam Councillor declared.
     The Angels disbanded and went their seperate ways.  Satan came down to the floor and continued a discussion with the Madam Councillor.
     "We are engaged in battle with them, what has your committee done to better the situation?" He inquired.
     At first she was dumbfounded, no real answers came to mind, then an Angel entered the chamber.
     "Madam Councillor," The Angel started, "Sir," She nodded to Satan politely, "We have some information.  I would have been here sooner but the meeting was in session."
     "It's a good thing you weren't or Ares would know what we know," Madam Councillor responded, "What have you found?"
     "First, it's confirmed, Ares and Hades have a weapon that can kill Gods.  One of our operatives was captured and they 'Tested' it on him, it was horrible, worse than hell." She looked at Satan, "No offence."
     "You have definite proof?" Satan asked.
     "Yes, I've seen hell, more importantly I witnessed the death of one of our highest Angels.  Saw it with my own eyes." The Angel replied.
     "What about this 'Apathicon', what have we found out about him?" Madam Cluncillor asked.
     "We can't seem to find him, just an empty lawnchair and a case of beer, that's all we found in Purgatory." The Angel responded.
     "Good," Madam Councillor smiled.
     "Good?" Satan asked, quizzically.
     "That means Theorotica is still with him," She smiled, "We are doing better than we thought."
     With some satisfaction that they are doing their part, Satan and his minions vanished.  The Angels remaining knew that this was far from over and more meetings were to come.  Concern laid heavy with them all as questions filled their heads, 'What to do?'
     On Earthland, at that time, Theorotica and Apathicon were still watching Nikki.  Actually, Nikki was safely in the shower and they were watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.
     "This is cool," Apathicon laughed, "whoops, there goes sam."
     "Why does he keep falling from that stupid diving board?" She asked.
     "It's funny," He responded, "And it's true."
     Theorotica did not understand how an animated feature could be remotely true.  She looked at him in confusion.
     "Okay," He explained, "When humans get angry and too focused on a goal, they pursue it relentlessly."
     "With no concept of consequence?" She asked.
     "Not a one," He said.
     "So that other cartoon, where the fly landed on that guy's head and he tried to kill it but wound up hitting himself.  Is that true too?" She inquired.
     "Yeah, that's the same idea." He confirmed, "Well, she's gonna be awhile," He said while waving his hand and creating a beer, "You want one?"
     "It's seven AM," She responded.
     "Yeah, but I'm a God," He reminded, "I can do what I want."
     The pair sat and waited as Nikki prepared herself for the day ahead.  An hour had passed before she was ready.  When she finally left, Theorotica and Apathicon tagged along.  They drove on through the city and stopped at the pet store where Nikki worked.  The trio entered, Nikki started her shift while the spiritual pair watched.
     "I was hoping to find you here," A familiar voice said from behind them.  It was the Cerephyn Councillor herself.
     "Madam Councillor?" Theorotica greeted, turning to see her.
     "You're looking well, Theorotica," The Councillor started, "For someone who recently went to battle against your uncle."
     "Oh, that was him," She motioned to Apathicon.
     "Really?" Madam Councillor inquired turning to him, "Re-incarnate."
     "I don't," He responded.
     "That is not a request!" She stated firmly, "Do you have any idea how much trouble your causing us?"
     "Well, your kind is very wise, I'm sure you'll find a solution," He commented.
     "We have, you re-incarnate," She reiterrated.
     "Find a different one," He replied.
     "Look, Purgatory is nothing.....Theorotica, reason with him," She said frustrated.
     "I don't know, I do need his help to do my work and he does come in handy," Theorotica said in his defense.
     "Well then, I guess there's no other option," Madam Councillor said sadly, "Good day,"
     She disappeared and the two were alone again.
     "What was that all about?" Theorotica asked in a curious tone.
     "I have no idea," Apathicon replied.
     What it was about was a 'fact finding' mission for the Secular Committee.  For immediately after that brief discussion was another meeting in the Council Chambers.
      "The negotiations have failed!" Madam Councillor declared to the Dominion leaders and to Satan.  All of them returned to meeting after the recess.
     "We have no other choice," She continued, "But to inaugerate Apathicon as a recognized God."
     Loud cries of outrage filled the Chamber.  Angels pounded on the tables, the noise grew as the Madam Councillor tried to restore order.
     "Let him fight for his title as I did!" Satan cried out over the noise.
     "Please! Please! Order!" Madam Councillor commanded then the chambers grew quiet, "Our solution is the only one.  We inaugerate Apathicon and once he signs the treatise he will abide by our laws that we have set.  Then he will no longer be a threat to any of us."
     Silence remained as the chamber contemplated this logic.  Then a lone clapping of hands was heard, echoing through the room.  It was Ares, with him were the Fates and Venus.
     "Very ingenious, Madam Councillor," Ares stated as he and his ladies approached her, "You do realize there is only one next step."
     Immediately, Hades appeared in Satan's tier and began a converstion of his own.
     "This is a golden opportunity for you," Hades said to the dark overlord, "Just think about the possibilities when you hear what Ares has to say."
    "I'm only thinking why this isn't a secure area," Satan responded.
    From the tier they listened to Ares speech.
    "In order to inaugerate a new 'God'," Ares continued from the floor, "We all must vote on new conditions, this means a whole new treatise and subsequently, wait for it....A Godsummit!"
     Gasps and noise once again flooded over the Chamber.  Meanwhile, Hades continued to speak to the Devil, "Just think," He started, "A new treatise? Expansion? More power? Deny your 'Secular Affiliation'.  C'mon Satan, get with the winning team."
     "Get out!" Satan Commanded,
     "Come on," Hades persisted, "We could nulify the treatise and take out these wimps, this is everything you always wanted."
     "You have no idea what I want."
     "Oh, Please," Hades continued, "We all want a better deal, a bigger slice.  What am I asking for? Nothing.  What am I offering? Everything."
     "Perhaps you are right," Satan contemplated for a moment, "Yes, we shall require negotiations.  Bring on Godsummit!"  He yelled as he stood up and pounded his fist on his desk.
     On the floor, a very ecstatic Ares was smiling and watching the need for his suggestion growing.  It appeared to be the only real answer, although nobody really wanted it.
     "Okay, the votes are in!" Yelled the Cerephyn Councillor, trying to be heard over the roaring crowd, "A Godsummit will take place!"
     "Very well," Ares said with delight, "And in accordance to your precious treatise, all your stupid Angels must leave Earthland.  For at least the time of the summit."
     "Right," Agreed Madam Councillor as the room quieted around her a bit, "And you and your cronies are also prohibited from Earthland, at least for the time of the summit."
     "Very well!" He said firmly, with some disappointment, "We will stay away from the Mortals but this 'Treatise' also includes my niece, the little freak, Theorotica."
     "We shall summon her immediatedly," Madam Councillor responded, "Meeting adjourned!"
     The crowd broke up and went their seperate ways.  Satan and his Minions disappeared in a wall of fire.  Ares and company vanished and returned to Mount Olympus.
     At the Mount, a jubilant Ares was accompanied by a somewhat pleased Hades.  The Pagan group felt victorious by their newest accomplishment.
     "We cannot lose now," Declared Ares, "Once Apathicon is inaugerated, he will be our ally and we will share in his powerful following."
     "And if he chooses to not be inaugerated?" Asked clothos, in a skeptical tone, "Theorotica has her spell on him."
     "Clothos, my dear Fate," Ares started, "How could he not go through with it?  He loves to sit and drink his beer and if he wishes to continue his 'life' then he has no choice.  Now, let's say that doesn't go through with it, hypothetically of course.  If he chooses 'no' then, according to treatise, all who are not signed on are 'fair game' as it were.  We bomb him first and conquer Purgatory for our own, legitimately."
     "And what of Theorotica?" Atropos questioned.
     "Who's to say she won't get caught in the battle?" He answered as he picked up one of his 'Godkilling' bombs and held it in his hand.  An evil laugh came from Ares as he stared intently into his weapon, still holding it up to the light.  He was mesmorized by its power and by how well his plan was working.  Soon the Fates joined in and a choir of laughter began to fill the room.  The Pagans felt their victory.
     On Earthland, Theorotica and Apathicon continued to watch Nikki.  Both were unaware of the new developments in the netherworld but Theorotica was concerned by the brief discussion with Madam Councillor.  
     "I still can't figure out what she was getting at," Theorotica said to him as they walked through the pet shop, "Wonder what's going on up there?"
     "Oh, it's nothing to worry about," Apathicon reassured, as they walked past a terrarium, "Now, snakes," He pointed, "That is something to worry about."
     "You mean how they tempted mankind into eating forbidden fruit in Eden?"
She inquired.
    "They did what now?" He responded, "I meant how icky they are and how they sneak up on you and kill you."
     "Right," She smiled, not sure if it that was a joke.
     They walked around the pet store as people moved around them, looking around and shopping.  Nikki continued working and everything appeared to be going well.  A little too well to be more accurate, for them something just felt different.
     "It sure is peaceful today," Theorotica commented with an uneasy tone, her intuition was bothering her.
     No sooner did she complete this sentence when the Cerephyn Councillor appeared.
     "Okay, pack your things, we're leaving," Madam councillor told them.
     "Why?" Inquired Theorotica.
     "Because your new boyfriend here is stubborn and refuses to co-operate," Explained Madam Councillor, "Now, we have to schedule a Godsummit and according to the Treatise, Earthland is strictly off limits."
     "But my assignment?" Theorotica asked, "Ares could show up..."
     "Ares will not show up," The Councillor interrupted, "The Pagans may be enemies but they are still required to abide by the Treatise."
    "No Buts, Theorotica," Madam Councillor insisted, "Your assignment will be fine.  Now come on, we have to go."
     Theorotica just stood there quietly, hesitant.
     "Theorotica, come!" The Councillor commanded as she started walking.
     With a sigh, Theorotica reluctantly started walking and Apathicon followed.  They all disappeared and left Earthland.
     Purgatory, Apathicon was pleasantly reclined in his lawnchair drinking a beer while Theorotica paced nervously.
     "Godsummit, I can't believe it," She started, "They haven't had one of these since....who knows.  You must've done something seriously wrong."
     "Me?" Apathicon defended.
     "Yes, you," She continued, "Perhaps if you had just Re-incarnated like everybody else, this could've been avoided."
     "Hey, you were more than happy to have me around when you needed help." He stated.
     Theorotica had no response to this, she just looked at him, "May I sit down?!" She asked.
     "Be my guest," He responded with the wave of his hand.  A lounge style lawnchair like his appeared, "Beer?" He offered.
     "Thanks," She said, taking the beer and sitting down.  A few moments of silence passed then she commented, "So this is your life?"
     "When I'm here, yes," He confirmed, "Admit it, you need the break."
     "Right," She said sarcastically.
     A figure appeared in the distance and rapidly approached, it was Eros.
     "Hello, dear cousin," He greeted, "Long time no see."  Eros looked over to Apathicon and nodded, "Appy, how you been?  Nice to see you."
     "Hello, Eros," Theorotica greeted with a smile, "Beer?"
     "Don't mind if I do," Eros responded, "I hope it's Canadian beer, they make the best, there I said it," He opened his beer and took a drink, "Mmmm, it is Canadian, good stuff, that American beer? Tapwater, what else can I say, but this is good."
     "So what brings you around?" Theorotica asked, smiling.
     Eros looked at his cousin with curiousity, "How much have you had, exactly?" He asked, "'Cause you look the same way you did that first time we had Ambrosia, remember that?"
     "Yeah," Theorotica giggled, "What a time that was," She turned to Apathicon, "Eros took me Earthland, it was my first time there, we were so young."
     "Yeah, Yeah," Eros said emphatically, "We got lost in the desert at night, it was so cold."
     "Yeah, we were in that city...What was it called?" Theorotica tried to remember.
     "Ga...Ga...Ga something," Eros replied.
     "Gamorrah!" Theorotica said, "That's it."
    "Right," Agreed Eros, he looked at Apathicon, "A very drunk Theorotica here tried to inspire some Mortals to build us a fire."
    "Ha.." Theorotica laughed, "He struck those rocks and then...." She hardly contain herself.
    "BOOM!" Yelled Eros with hysterical laughter, "You thought you caused an apocalypse."
    They laughed on at their story for awhile.
    "Of course that was the same night that  He...." Theorotica said to Apathicon, trying to regain her composure.
    "But we didn't know that until a century later," Eros added, "A hundred years, we thought it was our fault."
     Apathicon just smiled, amazed by the fantastic stories that only Gods can tell.
    Theorotica gained her control, "Oh, I like this, so what does bring you here?"
    "I have been chosen to bring you this," Eros stated, then handed her a scroll.
    "A scroll?" Theorotica said, accepting it, "How fancy."
    "It's an invitation to Godsummit," Explained Eros, "Appy here is going to be inaugerated," He looked at Apathicon, "Your going to be official," He smiled.
     Apathicon raised his beer in a toast and they all drank.
     "Okay," Eros continued, "There is your invite and you will be summoned in a short time to actually go to the summit meetings."
     "How short a time?" Theorotica asked.
     "Two Earthland days,"
     "Two days," Apathicon contemplated, "This is my weekend, reality can wait 'til monday." He toasted.
     "What does that mean?" Inquired Theorotica.
     "It's my weekend philosophy," He responded, "It means I do nothing until the meeting. That is except drink beer."
     "You want to sit here and do nothing for two days?" She inquired.
     "No... We are going to find something to do," She said firmly.
     "Oh!" Interjected Eros, "Before I forget, I talked to grandpa Zeus earlier.  You have both been invited to stay at the palace."
     "During Godsummit?" Theorotica asked.
     "During! Before! whenever," Eros said, "Grandpa's looking forward to seeing you."
     "Wow," Theorotica responded, then turned to Apathicon, "See, that's where we're going."
     "So be it," Apathicon retorted.
     "Okay, well I gave you the news and now I have a little nymph to visit," Eros explained, "So, you'll have to excuse me, farewell."
     Eros vanished, leaving the two behind.
     "This will be neat," Theorotica said excitedly, "You're gonna love the Mount."
     "The Mount?" Apathicon inquired.
     "Mount Olympus?" Theorotica said, "I'm sure you've heard of it."
     "Yes," He responded, "I just never heard it call that before."
     "Well, it's a beautiful place," She said swoonfully as she got up from her lawnchair.  She began lying down on Apathicon, "There's open fields and lakes and blue skies forever."  She gazed into his eyes for a moment, "You know something?"
     "What?" He smiled.
     "You're very cute," She said smiling.
     "And you're somewhat drunk," He responded.
     "I don't drink much," She commented, then kissed him on the mouth.
     They silently gazed at each other for a moment then returned to kissing.  The passion increased with each kiss, Apathicon waved his hand and all Purgatory went dimmer.
     "Too bad we don't have a leather couch," Theorotica commented.
     The night of passion continued but eventually Apathicon fell asleep and Theorotica remained on top of him.