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Theorotica Chapter 07: Godsummit

     The following day began like any other, although this day would be unlike any other.  The Olympian sky lit up and greeted everyone who was in it's sight.
     'Helios,' Thought Zeus, 'Really out did himself this day.'  He rose and prepared himself for upcoming meetings. 
     Meanwhile, in the guest house, Theorotica and Apathicon were also preparing for the upcoming events.  Both felt a unique mix of excitement and nervousness.  The night before, however, gave them a sense of release and happiness, they were content with each other. 
     "Well?" He asked her, "You ready?"
     "Let's do it," She responded firmly and the two were off to the Council Chambers of Heaven to commence the important meetings.
     At the Chambers, all Gods were represented either in person or through other spirits.  The tiers were filled with members of all sects and factions.  Bhudda, Hindu, Ancient Egyptian beliefs, just to name a few.  Of course, the Pagans were heavily represented but somewhat divided.  On one hand, Ares, Hades, The Fates, Venus, Neptune, Posiedon and a few others were wanting a new treatise to control everything.  On the other hand, Zeus, Apollo, Janus, Helios, Hera, and a few others were wanting to keep things more or less the same.  They all dispised the idea of Apathicon unanimously but had to go through with these meetings to keep some peace in the netherworld.
     The tiers lit up in rainbow-like colors, Each God and Goddess had a unique glow.  Satan's tier was a fiery red, complete with black clouds and orange glowing brimstone.  The Angel's tier shone a white-golden hue, colored by their robes and halos.  Of course, Apathicon, being true to his nature had a plain and almost colorless tier graced only by the gentle blue aura of Theorotica.
     The ominous sight of literally all the power in the universe was almost too much for the Cerephyn Councillor to bear.  She had the responsibilty of bringing all this to order.  From the chamber floor she could hardly see the Titans at the top of the tiers, observing.  Taking a deep breath, she began.
     "For over two millenia," She began, "Our current Treatise has been adequate for our peaceful co-existence.  This treatise, however, was signed under very different circumstances that we have today."
     The crowd looked on as she continued her opening comments.
     "At one time, Purgatory was strictly off limits to all Gods and although we have been able to abide by that rule one Mortal managed to do what we decided we could not."
     From the floor, the Councillor could see Ares smiling arrogantly at her speech.
     "So now, we are here to re-negotiate a treatise between all of us and Apathicon, the self proclaimed God," The Cerephyn Councillor continued.  Although it was nessecary to go through with the proceedings a sour taste entered her mouth everytime she had to mention him, "I now give the floor to Ares, he has time to give his opening comments."
     "Thank-you, Madam Councillor," Ares started, as he appeared on and began walking the chamber floor, "And on the seventh day, He rested.  What a polite way of saying he abandoned them.  The Mortals of Earthland, lost, cold, hungry.  No ideas, just confusion and questions.  That's when we came along.  We, the Pagans, the earliest of leaders.  We brought forth inspiration, courage, strength, everything the mortals needed for survival.  We, the greecian Gods, with our ancestors, the Titans.  We began our rule."
     A few faces began to react to speech positively, many did not.
     "By living up to our individual talents," Ares continued, "We brought life, we brought light.  We brought love for Mortals to multiply and war that made them divide.  We inspired, brought forth emotions, happiness, fear, confidence.
The earliest of Mortals needed us and for that I say.  Let's see who truly is the best.  Let's level the playing field and start again at the beginning and see who comes out on top."
     This radical idea seemed to be too much for the crowd to handle.  The reaction from those who spoke out was a negative one from those who did not speak out it was silence. 
     Apathicon was one did not speak out, the bitterness of his old Mortal existence began to surface.  'All those years,' he thought, 'Being subjected to their indifference, their intolerance, always suffering from their problems, their lack of reasoning, their lack of intelligence.  Could Ares be right?'  He pondered, 'Maybe the time of restructuring is at hand, maybe it is time to claim my position.  Mortals are all uncaring, selfish, do nothing slobs.  I've seen a lifetime of it firsthand, maybe it is time their way had a leader, had a god.'
     "Let's see if they can make Mortals evolve and develop!" Ares declared from the floor, "Why do bad things happen to good people?!! LET'S FIND OUT!"
     The crowd erupted in an frenzy.
     "What about free choice for Mortals?!" Satan yelled out over the noise.
     Ares stared back blankly as the Devil continued, "If you Pagans are so popular, then why did the Mortals choose us to be their ideals?!"
     "Brainwashing," Ares responded in a sour tone, "For over two thousand years you told Mortals to kill anyone who even acknowledged us.  You and your 'Prophets' and 'Wisemen' and 'Leaders'.  We never resorted to guerrilla tactics."
     "Until now," Madam Councillor stated.
     "Yes, Madam Councillor, until now," Ares said in agreement, "Apathicon, as a Mortal they failed you.  They let everyone else have all the fun while you were to wallow in your suffering."
     "That's a lie!!" Madam Councillor yelled in defense, "You created his problems."
     "Created? Maybe," Ares continued in agreement, "But you could've halted them," He walked to closer to Apathicon, "Ask yourself this, 'Why didn't they kill me?'"
     The summit crowd reacted in outrage, such slander and contraversy was never seen or felt in Heaven in a very long time.
     "They knew you would have been re-incarnated, They knew you'd be okay,  they knew your new life would've been better in every respect." Ares continued.
     "How much better?" Apathicon questioned.
     "You would have been Ron Jeremy," Ares responded.
     "D'OH!" Yelled Apathicon, "Ow," He reacted as Theorotica slapped him.
     "Yes, they could have ended it all but true to their nature, they tested you," Ares stated, "Oh how they love to test.  Not once does it ever occur to them that Mortals hate tests.  Mortals are made to live, to experience things, a variety of things.  Not all good, not all bad but a balance.  Mortals are made to live, to love, to hate to celebrate all things.  So, why all the testing?  Why all the suffering?" Ares questioned.  "You would have been happier in our time, alot less restrictions."
     "Yeah," Responded Apathicon sarcastically, "I saw Caligula,"
     "In their arrogance," Ares continued, getting a bit closer to Apathicon and with more intensity, "They believed they could do anything they wanted and Mortals would keep crawling back.  Too bad for them, you were one Mortal who put his foot down and said, 'Enough!'"
     "Time," Madam Councillor declared, "Ares I will ask you to stand down and allow the Secular Council to respond."  She walked onto the floor and commenced her opening comments, "We chose to not end any Mortal's life because it is our belief that life should not just quit."
     Madam Councillor began to walk the floor a bit to address the crowd fully, "The struggle for survival IS the very essence of life."  She walked in closer to Apathicon, "We could've ended your Mortal life but we believed in you and your ability to achieve things yourself."
      "Oh, Please," Ares said, rolling his eyes, "If you wanted his Mortal life to be better, you would have quickly re-incarnated the one for him."
     "If we had," Madam Councillor responded, "How long would it take for you to kill her again?"  She turned back to Apathicon, "You see, Apathicon, they knew the only thing that stood between them and Ares little dream was Theorotica.  She was the poor girl's only hope but in time they would find a way to be rid of Theorotica and then what?"
     "His Mortal life would have improved," Ares answered.
     "And They would have killed all Mortals," Madam Councillor added, "As you can see, Apathicon.  The real question here is your alliance."
     "They wronged you, join us," Ares stated.
     "NO!" Madam Councillor yelled, "We believed in you.  Do not let us down."
     A silence fell over the chambers as Apathicon cleared his mind to digest the information.
     "Time," Ares stated, "Madam councillor, you've made your point."
     "This meeting will take a recess," The Cerephyn Councillor sighed, "I know I could use a break."
     The crowd disbanded as Angels and Gods went their seperate ways.  Slowly, they plodded out of the Council Chambers.
     Still inside, Theorotica and Apathicon were seated in their tier.  Apathicon was still thinking about all that took place.
     "Pretty intense, huh?" Theorotica commented, a cerain degree of amazement reflected in her voice. 
     "Yeah," Apathicon said in agreement, "Why is my alliance so important to them?" He questioned, thinking aloud.
     "I dunno," She responded, "I guess that's just one mystery you'll have to figure out.
     Outside the Chambers was an open Atrium.  In it the Gods paced and contemplated; Making plans for what was to come.  At this point no-one knew what Apathicon was planning to do, not even Apathicon.
     The Purgatory God wandered on alone as Theorotica was swept up into a group of Wicken representatives; Witch Goddesses who were celebrating the prospect of finally 'being involved'.
     Apathicon conjured up a lawnchair and fell into it, slumping and lying back.  A beer soon appeared in his hand and the thought process began...
     "You sure are the centre of attention," Nambutu said as he and his wife approached.
     "Yeah," Apathicon said, his mind heavily laden with this burden.  He conjured up two more lawnchairs and a six-pack then gave a polite gesture inviting them to sit, "I don't get it," He continued, "Purgatory is nothing.  It has nothing.  Have you ever been there?  It's nothing as far as the eye can see."
     "Well, even nothing is something," Salantu commented.
     "Yes," Apathicon responded, "But what?  What is the something that is this nothing?"
     A commotion occurred in the distance, the Witches were singing and dancing.
     "Look, the Wicken representatives are starting to strip," Nambutu pointed out, "Those Witches are crazy."
     "Strip...?   That's it," Apathicon said quietly to himself.
     Theorotica approached in a happy mood, "Those Wicken Reps gave me this potion," She said, still in a frenzy from all the dancing.  She held up a small flask and drank the elixir inside, then fell onto Apathicon's lap.
    "Now, I'm an honorary witch," She commented as she stared deep into his eyes with a devilish smile.
     "I think you'd make a splendid witch," Apathicon responded, looking back into her eyes.
     "Yeah, why?" Theorotica asked.
     "Because you had your spell on me from the moment we met," He said sincerely.
     They embraced each other and held on for long while.  Not long enough, though as soon a bell rang and the meeting was to resume.
     The mood changed to something far more serious as everyone settled into their respective tiers.  A quiet soon came over the crowd as the Cerephyn Councillor walked the floor to resume the meeting.
     "Welcome back," She began, "Our topic still at hand is Apathicon and which side he will choose to align with." The Councillor took a deep breath and then stated, "Apathicon, you have the floor."
     "Thank-you, Madam Councillor," Apathicon said solemnly as he took the floor.
     "Neutrality is the essence of Purgatory," He began, "It is neither good, nor bad.  Neither black, nor white.  Neither positive or negative.  For it is neutrons."
     "Neutrons?" Hades asked quietly and sarcastically to himself.
     "Consider this," Apathicon continued, "One God, alone, in his domain.  No threat to anyone, no danger to anything.  He just 'is'."
     "Oh, boy, here we go," Madam Councillor commented to herself.
     "Purgatory offers nothing to any of you," Apathicon stated, "No resources, no wealth, not even sand.  It's just empty space, except for me and my beer.  How can a single God with a beer be any concern to any of you?  One cannot conquer many but I tell you this... Those who fight for nothing shall die for even  less."
     A certain hush fell over the crowd.
     "Thank-you, Winston Churchill," Hades mumbled to himself quietly.
     "You all seem to appreciate balance, so appreciate this," Apathicon said, "Consider the atom.  One third proton, positively charged particles.  One third electron, negatively charged particles.  One third neutron, neutrally charged particles."  At this point, a tremendous revelation occurred to Apathicon.  Theorotica walked over to be at his side for this crucial moment.  In his head, Apathicon did the math and figured everything out.  'One third plus One third is greater than one half,' He thought to himself, 'It takes leagues to control their domains and only one of me....I'm a sitting duck,' He concluded.
     A nervous smile took over his face and a chill of fear went through him as he stared out into the onlooking crowd.
     "Now he figures it out," The Cerephyn commented to herself as she threw her arms into the air.
     Meanwhile, Ares stared and smiled for he was happy with the way his plan had developed.  He could almost taste his victory.
     Still smiling nervously, Apathicon leaned over to Theorotica, "I'm in a big heap of trouble here," He quietly whispered to her.
    "Yeah," She responded, "We tried to warn you."
     "Yeah," He said back, still deeply concerned.
     "Well," The Cerephyn Councillor interjected, "In light of this new information; I think we should call a recess."
     Again the crowd disbanded and soon Apathicon was outside, sitting in his lawnchair with a beer.  Theorotica sat beside him still there for his support, despite his bizarre problems.
     "They're not going to leave me alone... Are they?" Apathicon said with fear reverberating in his voice.
     "Probably not," Theorotica replied with concern.
     "Well, I'm guessing that re-incarnation is looking pretty good right about now," The Cerephyn Councillor said as she stopped and stood in front of the pair, "You never realized just how much power you had or how much trouble you were in."
     "The rest of you manage to co-exist peacefully," Apathicon stated, "Why can't I fit in?"
     "This reality requires a two-part balance," Madam Councillor replied, "On is On and Off is Off.  There is no middle ground."
     "Right," He said bitterly; Like that of spoiled child, "It's your little exlusive 'God Club' that nobody else can join."
     "I don't know why anyone else would," Madam Councillor responded, "Haven't you learned anything from this.  Our existence is far from peacefully co-existent, we fight and struggle for survival every step of the way."  She continued, "Now, if you want to spend eternity fighting to defend yourself and Purgatory, that's your decision."
     "I don't think it would be that bad," Theorotica commented.
     "Theorotica, don't encourage him," Madam Councillor responded.
     Meanwhile, on the other side of the atrium, the Pagans were having a small meeting of their own.  Ares, Hades and The Fates stood and discussed further plans until they were interrupted as Venus entered, "There you are," She said upon arrival, "Ugghh... The risks I take for you."
      "Fear not, Venus," Ares responded, "The treatise is all but void.  So, what is the status of plan 'beta'?"
      "Excellent," Venus answered, "It seems your chosen one is now with child."
     "Our little Nikki is pregnant," Ares smiled "See, Hades, never underestimate a mortals instinct."
     "She was just being human," Venus said, almost defending her.
     "Yes, Hades," Ares said, ignoring all else, "I think it's time we really shook things up."
     "Perhaps we should wait," Hades politely suggested.
     "Maybe Apathicon will..."
     "Apathicon?!!" Ares yelled, "He's nothing! We shall destroy the Mortals and conquer Purgatory.  No-one can stop us."
     Convinced, Hades left with Ares and they vanished.  Now it was Venus and The Fates in the atrium.
     "You know, he may actually win this one," Venus commented.
     "Right," Atropos said with sarcasm, "We all know his track record."
     "Oh, sure," Venus said, "But sooner or later we all get lucky."
     In the distance, coming from the Olympus side, a loud booming noise echoed over the atrium.  The commotion drew near and the voices of Hades and Ares yelling unintelligable things could be heard.  The two Gods were not alone, for behind them was a large monster.  A monster that they created,  one with three eyes, a large, flat forehead and freakishly big.  Five times bigger than either God to be exact, a towering, clumsy, strange creature.
     As the Evil trio drew near it became possible to make out what the Gods were yelling.
     "The negotiations have faile!!" Ares shouted as he approached, "The time of cleansing is at hand."
     "Bring on the party!" Hades added.
     "What the...?" Apathicon questioned as he sat up in his lawnchair to get a better look at the oncoming events.  At that moment, a messenger Angel came running up the group.
     "Madam Councillor!" The Angel cried, "REALLY, Bad news, that Mortal, the one Theorotica was watching, she's pregnant."
     "What?!" Theorotica asked, startled by what she heard.
     "That's not the worst of it," The messenger continued, "That thing is the Harbinger, it looks like Ares has the upper hand now.  We saw Venus go down to Earthland and I was sent to follow her.  Nikki, the Mortal just finished one night of... fun?"
     "This isn't right," Theorotica commented angrily, "Nobody should be chosen to give birth to that."
     "Incoming, everybody duck!" Apathicon yelled as he dived on top of Theorotica to protect her.  A 'Godkiller' bomb went whizzing over their heads and exploded in a small group of Angels.  Apathicon and company lifted their heads afterward, only to see nothing where Angels once stood. 
     This, however, was only the beginning as another 'Godkiller' came flying into the atrium and again exploded.
     "It's me he wants," Apathicon stated.  He stood up and yelled, "Alright, Ares, come and get me!"  Apathicon began running away from the atrium and towards a more desolate area.  He wanted to buy some time for the real Gods and Theorotica to get away and go somewhere safe.
     "You kill me and Purgatory is all yours!" Apathicon yelled as he continued to run. 
     Noticing this, Ares hurled a 'Godkiller' at Apathicon.  The bomb flew over his head and Apathicon ran in a different direction, dodging the bomb and explosion.
     "Ares," Hades commented, trying to contain his anger, "Try to hit the target!  We only have nine bombs left."
     "Then we'll make more," Ares retorted, throwing another bomb.
     "Whoah!" Yelled Apathicon, dodging the latest attack.
     "Next time," Commented Ares, "We build bigger, stronger bombs with a greater kill radius."
      The other Gods ran for cover as Theorotica grew more concerned about her partner.  She took off and flew to Apathicon, "See what kind of trouble you start!?" She yelled at him as she landed.
     "ME?!" Apathicon defended, "Your lunatic uncle built these things! DUCK!" He pulled her head down as a bomb went flying above.
     "Die, Theorotica!!" Ares yelled insanely as he threw yet another bomb.
     "Die, Theoro...  What did I do?!" Theorotica yelled, ducking from the bomb.  It was good news for both that Ares was not a very good shot.
     "You did your job," Apathicon responded, "You did it well and now, he's angry."  No sooner did he finsh this sentence when another bomb went flying over head.
     "You think I did a good job?" She asked.
     "Yeah," Apathicon responded, "You should go someplace safe.  It's Purgatory he wants and he has to kill me to get it.  I'm not going to let them hurt you."
     "That's very noble," Theorotica said, "Stupid, but noble, DUCK!" She pushed his head down this time to dodge another bomb.
     "We can't just sit here," Apathicon said, looking around for some way out.
     "Your right," Madam Councillor said joining them, "Do something."
     "Madam Councillor?!" Theorotica said surprised, "It's not safe here."
     "Appearently it's not safe anywhere," She responded, "Now, let's analyze the  situation."
     "Situation?" Queationed Apathicon, "We're being bombed by a lunatic and his big ass friend."
      "That 'Big ass friend' is the key to all of this," Madam councillor replied.
      "Huh?" Apathicon responded, confused.
     "You know that thing we've been trying to stop?" Theorotica asked him.
     "Ta-da," She said in showman like form.
     "That's it?" Apathicon responded, "That's the harbinger?"
     "We were trying to stop Ares from conceiving his 'Warchild'," She explained, "A souless life, like an empty jar.  That is the soul that fills it."
     "Eeeewwww..." Apathicon reacted.
     "Notice the third eye," Madam Councillor pointed out, "This thing can see the future."
     "Notice, the quiet?" Apathicon added.
     "They're low on ammunition," Theorotica stated, "That thing should be terrified."  She took off and began her attack on the Harbinger.
     "Theo," Apathicon said, trying to stop her.
     So there she stood, all five Mortal feet and eight Mortal inches.  Before her stood the gigantic Harbinger, totalling thirty Mortal feet tall.  Theorotica paused, only briefly though, to look over her enemy and quickly plan a strategy.
     Time was of the essence here for almost immediately the Harbinger attacked.  He swatted at her with an open hand as he crouched down to reach her.  Reacting quickly, Theorotica ran towards the Harbinger, straight under it, between his legs.  Confused, the Harbinger stood up and as he turned around to find her, Theorotica was climbing up the back of his legs.
     'Just like Mount Olympus,' She thought as she continued upward, grabbing the Harbingers folds in his pants.
     He realized where she was and elevated his calf to get her in range for another swat.  Theorotica saw the opportunity and leaped up to dodge his attack.  She flew quickly and landed on the back of the Harbinger's hand.
     As big as he was, the Harbinger was quite dim.  It could've been his youth and inexperience, as he just came out of the lab, or the fact that Ares trained him for battle; Either way he was slow to react or notice Theorotica riding on the back of his right hand as  he raised his it to the side of his head, trying to balance himself.   
     Immediately, Theorotica took the opening and jumped off the Harbinger's hand and onto his head.
     Now knowing where she is, the Harbinger starts a solid swat to his head.  Theorotica flew off just in time, dodging his hand and allowing the Harbinger to hit himself really hard.
     "I guess watching 'Bugs Bunny' really does pay off," Theorotica commented as she hovered above the behemoth.
     She flew in closer again, lowering her altitude.  The Harbinger swatted and stomped as Theorotica maneuvered around the flying hands and feet.  The Harbinger raised his foot for a 'killing stomp' and again she gets out of the way, just in time.  The shock of the impact went coursing through the Harbinger as he screamed in both pain and frustration.
     "Bet you wished you stayed home, huh?" Theorotica commented as she flew around the angry beast.  She flew towards his head at full speed and delivered a solid kick to it's forehead,  her foot skidded on the behemoth's cranium and she ran with it; Taking off on the backside.
     Meanwhile, still in the distance, Apathicon and the Cerephyn Councillor were watching the battle.
     "She needs help," Madam Councillor commented.
     "Nah, She's just getting warmed up," Apathicon responded with a smile.
     Then an ominous voiced boomed from the distance, "Daughter, arm yourself!" Apollo commanded as he tossed her a lightning bolt for a weapon.
     Hearing this, Theorotica turned around quickly and caught it.  Weapon now in hand, she turned again to face the Harbinger as it began a charge towards her.  She flew up and threw the lightning bolt like a harpoon.  The Harbinger missed her but her bolt went on into the Harbinger;s third eye.  In pain, the Harbinger screams and swats, the lightning bolt still in it's eye.  His erratic movements continued and at one point connected, knocking Theorotica away flying.
     "Okay, now she needs help," Apathicon said as he took off and flew towards them.  The Harbinger was still charging after Theorotica, who was now on the ground. 
     Apathicon flew on behind the monster,  landed on the top of its head and ran to its forehead.  He grabbed onto the lightning bolt and pulled with all his might.
     "I bet you didn't see this coming," He said over the screams of the Harbinger.  Apathicon pulled out the lightning bolt with it, the Harbinger's third eye.  The Monster swatted blindly but missed as Apathicon took off and landed by Theorotica. 
     "They told him to keep an 'Eye' out for us," Smiled Apathicon  as planted his foot on the removed eyeball and pulled the lightning bolt from it,  "I believe you dropped this," He handed the Weapon back to Theorotica.
    Immediately, the Harbinger cleared his two good eyes and resumed the charge.
     "Son, take this!" Apollo commanded, tossing another lightning bolt.
     Apathicon caught the bolt and smiled at Theorotica again, "He called me 'Son', Apollo called me 'Son.'"
     "Yeah," Commented Theorotica, "Now earn the title."
     The two led a charge of their own, attacking the Harbinger.  They took off into the air and simultaneously threw their lightning bolts.  Theorotica's bolt hit first and impaled the Harbinger's right eye.  Shortly after, Apathicon's bolt hit and gouged its left eye.  By now the Harbinger was screaming more than ever.  Completely unable to see, it flailed violently.  Apathicon and Theorotica continued flying closer and again landed on it's cheek bones.  They wiggled and pulled on their lightning bolts and as they did, cut through the inside part of the Harbinger's eyes.  Inside it's skull, the two lightning bolts made contact and shorted out, causing an explosion inside.  The Harbinger screamed a final yelp and fell as the blast pushed the lightning bolts and our heroes away.  The Harbinger was no longer.
     Safely landing, Theorotica and Apathicon watched the big Harbinger hit the Olympian ground.  The shock sent a wave of relief throughout the netherworlds.  They collected their lightning bolts and walked over to where the Cerephyn Councillor and a small group of Gods had gathered.
     Tired and a little winded, the two entered the group.  Hades was already caught and being prepared for incarceration by the Titans but Ares was nowhere to be found.  He was, however, nearby and, seeing a new opportunity, he flew down swiftly and launched another 'Godkiller' bomb at Apathicon.
     Theorotica saw this and reacted immediately.  She flew in and covered Apathicon with herself.  The 'Godkiller' hit her square in the back, she felt the impact but as the explosion went on around them both, she was safe.
     "I didn't feel a thing," She said with relief, "You okay?"
     "yeah," Apathicon laughed, "I guess his bombs really don't kill Gods."  Apathicon was more than thankful for her actions.
    In the crowd, Salantu, the Voodoo representative was smiling, "The amulet works,"
     "Like a charm," Nambutu added, hugging his wife.
     Clothos overheard the comments and figured it out, 'The amulet saved the little runt,' She thought and then quietly moved in towards Theorotica.
     By now, Theorotica and Apathicon were walking side by side towards the crowd.  In a flash, Clothos flew behind them and snagged the amulet off Theorotica's neck.  Neither of them thought anything of it, they figured it was pretty much over.
     "She ruined my plans, She ruined my Harbinger!" Ares ranted as he stared deeply into his last 'Godkiller'.  "Now, I ruin her!" He turned quickly and threw the bomb with all his might at....
      "Apollo!" Apathicon yelled and reacted immediately to intercept the bomb with his lightning bolt.
     "Dad!" Theorotica screamed, also reacting.  She wound up in front of Apathicon and took a second direct hit from a bomb.  This time, there was no amulet to protect her.
     "Aaahhhh!" She screamed in pain as she fell to to the ground.
     "NO!!" Apathicon yelled as he helplessly watched her.  He fell to his knees beside Theorotica and did what he could, "Are you NUTS??!" He yelled at her with tears filling his eyes, "That one had my name on it.  Everybody here needs you."
     In agony, Theorotica doubled up in a fetal position.  Apathicon was starting to pick her up off the ground but was stopped.
     "It's too late for that," Atropos said, almost sadly as she gently motioned Apathicon aside.
     "No!" He yelled and put up a fight, pushing the Fate away.
     "She said it's too late," Clothos stated more firmly, "I told you we held your fate," She said, looking at Theorotica while holding the amulet.
     Staring helplessly and being held back by two of the Fates, Apathicon felt a flood of emotions as the tears rolled down his cheeks, "No," he cried repeatedly.
     Atropos crouched down and held the large, rich swatch that once was Theorotica's life.  She raised her golden scissors and paused briefly.  The was a job she did countless times but somehow, this time was different, she was reluctant. 
     "Goodbye, Theorotica," She said as she cut the swatch.  The lower half fell gently onto Theorotica's body which soon disappeared.

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