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The word of Apathicon
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     Who am I?
     I am the awkward silence to a simple question.
     I am the vice they say will kill you.
     I am the disease you get when proper protection was not used.
     I am the natural result of all things.
     I am the shoulder shrug of simpletons.
     I am the unresponsive response.
     I am the first one that won't harm you, and,
     I am the last one that will.
     I am neither your high nor your low.
     I am neither weak nor strong.
     I am nothing and yet I exist.
     While those around me played, I worked.
     While those who played succeeded, I fell further behind.
     While those who succeeded found love, I was hated.
     While those who found love suffered, I found comfort.
     While those who suffered fell ill, I remained healthy.
     While those who fell ill died, I lived on.
     It is clear now, what the fates held in store.
     It is clear what my position is, my 'Lot in life.'
     For I have always been the middle ground, never good enough for Heaven and never evil enough for hell.
     For I am the one who stays home while others race to their lives.
     I am the one who drinks while others find comfort in lovemaking.
     Iam the one who laughs at misfortune.
     I am the one who sees the blessings in terminal conditions.
     I am the one that is the middle, never too close (you think that's creepy) never too far (you must maintain your image in society as a 'nice' person).
     I 'Love you' but I am not 'In love with you'.
     I 'Just want to be friends'.
     I am indifference.
     For I am Apathy, the icon of uncaring. 
     I am Apathicon, the self proclaimed Purgatory God.

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