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Chapter One: To build a god.

     A particularily dark night fell upon mount olympus.  The air was chilled with the bitterness of a hundred Gods as the nymphs and satyrs slept peacefully in the lush forests. 
     For the nymphs and satyrs  were unaware of the dastardly plot that one God in particular was instigating.  Even Zeus, as he looked on from his high clouds over the cliffs and sloping ranges of the mount was oblivious.  All appeared sereen as a muse's song swept him away. 
     Not all things were calm, for as the rest of Mount Olympus  slumbered, four sinister figures formulated a waking dream of their own.  In a dingy cave near the base where few Gods bothered to tread we find them.  The Goddesses, fates actually, Lachesis, Clothos and Atropos.  The trio of sisters who control the destiny of man.  With them, the leader of the Chaotic quartet, was a God.
     God of war to be precise, Ares.  Tall, slendor with nary a hair on his cranium.  He appears dignified, a figure of respect, his intelligence is only outmatched by his ambition, his is a tale of treachery.  You see Ares is not a cheerful God.  He is hated by all but a select few Gods on the mountain and even then he is merely tolerated for he is truly a tyrannical idealist and narrow minded for his purpose. 
     Our God of war is truly in a bad mood this evening.  You see for the past Two-Thousand years a certain secular group has ruled Earthland, seeing as he felt his kind came first that was Two-Thousand years too many.
     Ares became unhappy when the pagan Gods were pushed aside, left on Mount Olympus like lost goats.  Once his kingdom ruled the mortals of Earthland, once every God was glorified for their actions, once they were worshipped and given ritual and sacrifice...once.
     For a short time there was conflict.  The secular community stepped in to re-claim what was believed to be theirs.  Claiming that the pagan Gods merely walked in during the seventh day when He rested.
    "Rested", thought Ares, "There is a luxury that not even a God should have. I never rested."  He contemplated this angrily as he formulated his plan, "Work never ended for me and my existence was never perfect.  Soon their reign will end, soon we will be in power and they will go back from whence they came."
     "Gather 'round ye witches, we've got planning afoot!"  Ares stated to the three sisters, capturing their attention.
     Lachesis, the truly evil one, her blonde hair hung over her shoulder as she stood there beside him in her black, somewhat tattered gown.  She slid up beside Ares and began to stroke his shoulder, "What kind of planning?" She inquired seductively as he shrugged her off.
     "Mount Olympus must reign again." Ares said firmly, "We need to crush our ripened grapes."
     Clothos, the middle sister with her spiky black hair and demonic good looks piped up, "Crushed grapes give good fresh wine." She said, making a point as she squeezed a handful of the fruit.
     Ares looked at her in a serious manner, "Correct." he responded, "Fresh wine, however, takes time to ferment and then we shall spill the vat."
     "Sew, what is your plan O' lord?" inquired Clothos, getting closer to Ares to stand at his vacant side. 
     Atropos, the eldest sister watched the two in their pathetic display and turned away in disgust.
     "Famine?" Asked Lachesis, placing her hand gently on his cheek and turning the God to face her.  "Starving mortals is a classic way to get them to question their divine spirit."
     "War."  purred Clothos, pulling his head softly to face her hypnotic stare, like that of a snake. 
     "Death!" called out Atropos, turning quickly to face the three.
     "Nay," smiled Ares as he calmly closed his eyes  and took a deep, long, cleansing breath,  "All three."
     The group broke out in evil cackling for a while.  The three fates were elated to find more work as things were getting rather mundane on their  mountain side.  "We shall bring forth a new God!" Ares proclaimed, brimming with confidence.
     "A God?"  cried Atropos, "But Gods don't die!"
     "How will you bear such a God?  Mortals and Gods have not mated in over Two-millenia."  Clothos pointed out, commenting on his plan. 
     "I am aware of all of this." Ares stated, "You hags leave all the details to me.  I will give you the plan and you will do as you are told."
     A hush heavily laden with resent fell over the cave.  Clearly the fates did not like his disrespectful nature but they knew this would be their only chance to rule the mortals once more.
     "We've never brought up a God from Earth's mortal soil." Lachesis said, breaking the awkward silence.
     "Please, good witches," Ares continued, "Fate is a most powerful force.  Dost thou doubt your own powers?"  he asked, "Choose for me a feeble human, one who has nothing."
     "No mortal hath nothing," Clothos argued, "Since the signing of the treatise every mortal must be provided with the basics.  Family, sustinance and a mate."
     Ares paused for a brief moment, 'Was this a detail he overlooked?' the fates wondered as they watched him ponder his ideas.  He hummed over his thoughts, analyzing, looking for a way through.
    "Fine," he said, coming up with an idea, "Then find me one with the least."
     Clothos approached the fate's loom, her job is draw out the woolen swatch which represents the fabric of one's life.  Sometimes lush, big and dense with weaves, sometimes thin and easy to fray.  The swatch itself, however, only represents life not a specific life.  She pulled out a swatch and held it in the air.
     "Here is what you wanted," Clothos explained, "All frail and tattered, the poor recipient of such will have as you requested, minimum."  She gently rested the tiny swatch into the left hand of her sister, Lachesis.  The older fate then reached into a fine wooden box to select a lot.  The lot is a small wooden card with the identity of a mortal printed upon it, it represents the spefic person to receive the life chosen by the swatch.
     "And here is the unlucky recipient." Lachesis added, putting the swatch and lot together. "Here you are, my lord."  She gently holds the two pieces in the air, continuing the ceremony.
     "Now only one thing stands between you and your vision." said Clothos, cautioning our God of war.
     So there on Earth, a mortal child lay sleeping.  Merely hours old, new unto the world, so excited to live she could not wait the two more weeks needed for full development.  Gaining extra warmth and comfort from her incubator and with the presence of the medical staff walking to and fro in the hallway outside her door.  Her room was dark, only bathed in the gentle glow of the streetlights from outside shining through the large windows.  This soft light reflected off the tile floor and led to the open doorway.
     She is a beauty, a quiet, gentle baby in her blissful slumber not only protected from the cool breezes but also protected from evil.
     Watching over her is a spirit of sorts, a form of guardian angel.  Although not a true angel per se but a guardian none the less.  She, the spirit, is Theorotica.  Her hair is one half raven and the other half is split red and blonde.  Standing 5' 8" she is a powerhouse of fiesty ideals are tempered by grace and charm wrapped in a beautiful package.  Her wit is only matched by her kindness, her attitude...well let's just say nothing could match that.
     So there stood Theorotica watching over the helpless newborn, marvelling at life's miracles.  A single tear welled up in her eye as she welcomed the new guest.  Watchful and protective, she was motherly to say the least, although her black boots that reached the knee, her black elbow length gloves and black corset said there was more to this guardian the meets the eye.
     This was a good thing....
     "Don't get too attached, Theorotica." Atropos threatened as she entered the hospital room, "That little one is not long for this world."
     "Stay away from her, you bitch," Theorotica responded as she turned around quickly to face down the fate.
     A certain chill coursed through her.  Theorotica was new to guardianship she had gone through training but had no real experience, this was her first assignment.  They told her she was the best for this job but they never could have imagined this.  This, was a fate of Mount Olympus, Atropos a Goddess.
     "Sisters," Atropos commanded with the snap of her fingers.
     For Theorotica things just went from bad to worse.  The two sisters, Clothos and Lachesis entered the room with their war God leader.
     "I see you found some dogs to do your work, uncle Ares," Theorotica stated in a dry tone.
     "My dear niece," Ares started, "How were you ever talked into this?"
     "I guess I just like people," Replied Theorotica.
     "You think you're a guardian?" Clothos sarcastically commented, "Guard this."
     "I should have known this would'nt be a fair fight," Theorotica said as she got into a defensive stance. 
     "Just remember, Theorotica, we hold your fate too," said Clothos as she and her sisters closed in.
     "Yes, let's do something nasty to this one," Lachesis added.
     "Leave her!" commanded Ares, "She's not important, kill the mortal!"
     The fates continued to move towards the incubator, Theorotica stoodfast to hold her ground.
     Theorotica saw her chance, leapt and roundhouse kicked.  Clothos managed to dodge it, Atropos was not so lucky and proceed to fly backward.
     "I said, 'Stay Away!'" Theorotica asserted, coming to a stop and delivering a right hook to Lachesis, knocking her back.
     Immediately, Clothos attacked with a sweep kick which brought our guardian to the floor.  The fate sprung to her feet and pounced on Theorotica who raised her feet in defense. 
     "Go back to your cave," Theorotica stated, kicking the fate off of her.  Clothos was now flying backwards, buzzing past Atropos, who was now getting to her feet.
     "Fiesty little thing," The Goddess thought, assaying the damage as  she moved in closer for another attack.  Her sisters soon joined and began a three on one assault on our guardian.  Theorotica delivered a high kick to Atropos but this time there was no reaction, she just stood and stared blankly.  The other two fates quickly grabbed her and held her back as Atropos went to work.  The fate connected with a high kick followed a series of punches to Theorotica's midsection ending with a solid hit to her face.  The beating would've continued mercilessly if not for Ares impatience.
     "Get it over with!" he barked at the Goddess, "Stop wasting time!"
     Atropos gave Theorotica an icy cold stare that seemed to go on forever then turned and walked towards the incubator.
    "NO!" shouted Theorotica as she struggled to escape.  The two Goddesses had a bit of difficulty holding her back.
     Atropos calmly stood over the baby girl and calmly revealed the lot and swatch witch were chosen for her.  Theorotica continued to struggle as she helplessly watched Atropos pull out her golden shears.  An ironic look of sadness and sarcastic regret came over her face as slowly placed the lot and swatch into the scissors and cut them in half.  The lower portions fell slowly to the incubator and instantly the child's life was ended.
     "Oh my God!" Screamed a voice, it was a nurse entering for a routine check, "The baby stopped breathing!"  Instantly the rescescitation process was started. Mortals had no idea of the life and death conflict that  occurs nor could they possibly understand the pain and disheartening of our dear Theorotica who did everything she could.  By now the four villains had left and our guardian stood alone with no one left to guard.  Frantically the nurses tried to restore her breathing but to no avail, the baby was dead.
     Heaven, normally a place of peace and quiet but today a definite sense of tension and anger charged the air of the angels.  Many hearts weighed heavy over Theorotica's lost fight and some were at a loss as to what can be done.
     So there stood Theorotica in the office of the Cerephyn Councillor, waiting for her standard debriefing.  Enter the councillor, dressed in the brightest of white, glowing from head to toe with gracious light.  She is a larger angel, sturdy of frame.  Her blonde hair compliments her serious green eyes, eyes that glare into the infinite depths of one's soul.  Her wingspan, enormous, an ominous sight indeed.
     "So, we had a bit of a struggle, didn't we?" Asked the councillor in a serious tone as Theorotica stood  fast at attention.  "Theorotica, you let us down greatly." she continued, "The pagans are getting into position to strike even as we speak.  We gave you this assignment because of your 'unique' abilities and what happened was somehow not forseen."
     A pause of silence as the councillor sighed, "We never could have predicted this outcome.  If our best can't save us, then who can?"
     "I'm not entirely sure about the infant's importance.." Theorotica started, "All mortal's are important, why was this one..?"
     "This one was special beyond what you could imagine."  The cerephyn responded. "In time, well, I just pray we never find out why."
     "I'm sorry about the failure in the mission,  I know that doesn't help or change anything but sorry nonetheless.  I was outnumbered, how we not have anticipated all three fates arriving?" Theorotica inquired, she wanted answers.
     "We never expected any fates." Explained the councillor, "Our leader maybe omnipotent but we do experience the occasional glitch.  This is why we sent you, to be prepared for anything."
     "I understand that but why her?" Theorotica asked again.
     "Remember the treatise? the one that was signed by us and the pagans?" the councillor began, "Probably not, you were only born back then.  That is why this is so important."
     "Goodbye, Theorotica.  Take some time off to heal your wounds."  Said the councillor as she turned towards the door.
    "But..."  Theorotica was alone again in the office her curiousity was rising and she knew if wanted answers she would have to find them herself.  She exited and continued down the hall.
     "Theorotica!"  Yelled a voice from behind.  It was Eros, Theorotica's cousin.  As children she and Eros would play constantly they were close family members despite the feud between the others.  Eros, the short and portly god of love, not the classic childlike image seen on Hallmark valentines.  He's older now, still sensitive but a touch cynical and beginning to follow in his father's footsteps of being unliked by the pagans.  Theorotica, however, is one true friend indeed.
     "Theorotica,"  Eros continued, catching up to her in the hall, "Hey, hello, slow down will ya your gonna start time travelling."
     "Good, maybe I can change the past." She responded.
     "Hey, what's wrong?  C'mon talk that's why I'm here.  I've been looking everywhere Heaven, Hell, Earthland, hey even Detroit.  That's right I looked all over Detroit but after a few hours I'm like, 'Why am I in Detroit?'  She's not gonna be here but I'm looking and you know what...I hate Detroit." Eros rambled.
     "I just got back from assignment,  I'm sorry for being rude but.." Theorotica stated apologetically.
     "Assignment! That's great, C'mon we'll have some coffee and talk you can tell me all about it." Eros suggested.
     "I'm sorry, Eros I have work to do right now."
     "Fine, you have work, you know I go to Earthland to do my work and you know something?  Those mortals don't fall in love anymore, the place is boring,  it's all gimme this and gimme that and if money's not involved, well they aren't interested.  It's just wrong." Eros continued.
      The pair reached the end of the hall and entered the Archives room, here was where all the documents and historical data was stored.  This large, seemingly endless library of information was astounding.  Row upon row of shelving units holding the files, books, scrolls and certificates of both Gods and mortals.  Theorotica and Eros walked down the ongoing aisles amazed by the mass of knowledge stored within.
     "One question, are we allowed to be here?" Eros inquired.
     "I am." She responded confidently.
     "Second question, What exactly are you looking for?  I mean really this could take eons to sort through all of this, after all it's the history of everything.  Hey look, blueprints for light, I've wondered how God made it.  I mean I could say let there be light, let there be earth, let there be asparagus but I'd only get asparagus and only if I planted it." Eros babbled.
     "Yeah, that's life," Theorotica added as she continued to flip through the files. "Here we are."  She said, pulling out a folder.
    "The ancient treaty with the pagans." Theorotica responded, "Huh, Grampa Zeus signed it."  She commented while scanning.
     "Good ol' grampa Zeus," Eros commented, "Remember that summer we spent with him at the summit?  The time we tried riding pegasus, Remember that?"
     "Yeah, you got bucked off her a few times."
     "Hey, that thing was made for Hercules, there's a reason why he's so strong." Eros added.
     "Right, don't get me started with Hercules." Theorotica said with some anger.
     "Oh, sorry, I didn't.... I mean... I thought you'd be over that."
     "Well, I'm not." Theorotica stated with annoyance. 
     "You know, maybe you spend too much time here in heaven.  You should come back to the Mount get back to your roots, relax." Eros suggested.
     "I don't need to relax." She answered. "Okay, here it is."
     "Here what is?"
     "The answer..." Theorotica whispered, "My God..."
     In a flash she put away the treatise and began running back towards the hall. Eros followed behind, rather confused by her emotional reaction.  They continued down the hallway in search of the Cerephyn Councillor.  Soon enough they found her.
     "Madam Councillor," Theorotica addressed her, "May I see you in your office, please."
     The three of them continued down the hall and into the office of the Councillor.
     "I'm reluctantly meeting with you like this, Theorotica." The Councillor started.
     "I appreciate that," Theorotica responded, "In new light of the information I acquired..."
     "What information?"
     "About the treatise, I went to the Archives.  Madam Councillor I feel that the Pagans..."
     "Are about to attack?" We know this already, "That's why your a guardian not on our intelligence team."
     "No, Madam Councillor it's worse than that.  When I fought the fates recently, Uncle Ares was with them."
     "It's all in the report." The Councillor interjected.
     "Yes, but I feel that his plan is not to attack Heaven directly."
     "Explain." Said the Councillor.
     "I think he wants a harbinger."
     "A harbinger?" Eros piped up, "That's crazy, Daddy would never do that.  I mean send a few omens and mess with the mortal's heads like he does with comets every now and then, that's one thing and really more his style but a harbinger??"
     "Why are you here?" Asked the Councillor.
     "I'm visiting my cousin."
     "A harbinger?" The Councillor continued, "What good would that do?"
     "Well," Theorotica started, "The mortals have ways to kill each other in tremendous quantities.  If Ares was to mate with a mortal and create a warchild...he could wipe out all who believe in us in Heaven."
     "And effectively weaken our power." Added the Councillor, "I should have known he'd be too smart to directly attack.  Good work, Theorotica, I'll get intelligence on it immediately to determine who would be his best choice for a mate."  She placed the file on her desk and picked up a second one, "In the meantime, here is your temporary assignment.  It's an easy one."
     Theorotica took the file and began reading, "Uh, it says this is a watching assignment."
     "That's right."
     "I am a guardian." She protested.
     "Theorotica," Explained the councillor, "You just had a traumatic ordeal happen, I think you should take it easy for awhile."
     "Madam councillor, I..."
     "Take the assignment." The cerephyn said in a firm tone, "Remember, watching only."
     Reluctantly, Theorotica accepted. 'How could they do this.' She thought, 'I could be doing something important.'  She and Eros walked out to the hallway where he began to speak.
    "So, you figure out what's going on and they give a job watching.  That's just great.  Well I guess it's kind of a holiday for you?"
    "Yeah, I guess,"  She said with disappointment.
    "Well, I gotta go," Said Eros, "We'll keep in touch."  He vanished right before her eyes.
     Meanwhile, at Mount Olympus, Ares and the three fates were celebrating their victory and planning the next stage of their plan.  The wine flowed like a stream, the figs were fresh and everything tasted sweeter than ever.  Ares seemed almost jovial, confident that everything was going to workout.
     Other Gods celebrated too, Poseidon, Neptune and the nymphs they brought along with them, all were having a grand time. 
     "To our newly formed rule," Ares toasted aloud.  The group drank and more wine was poured.
     "So, Ares," Poseidon started, "You really think this little scheme will work?"
     "Poseidon?" He responded, "You dare doubt me?  I am the God of War.  Tactical supremecy is not only my forte, it is the only thing I know.  Why do you think I've been hated all these millenia?  I'm too smart for all of them and They are frightened of me, each and every one."  He raised his glass and drank the cup, "I know that many of us are sick and tired of them being in control but who will do something about it?  Who could?  Neptune could rise up a flood, the mortals have boats.  You, poseidon, could send in some sea monsters, the mortals would only pollute the waters and foil our plans.  These are mortals, not Gods and we must play on their primary weakness..."
     "And what, praytell, is that?" Asked Poseidon.
     "...Mortals die."  Ares concluded.
     "So, you think your little harbinger is going to save us all?" Eros asked upon his entrance.  The other Gods turned to see Ares son walk in on the celebration,  he was not a welcome sight but continued talking, "That's right, harbinger, how pathetic.  Do you realize that your plan is so rudimentary that even the angels know what your up to."
    "How did they figure it out?" Ares inquired slyly.
    "Oh, I don't know, perhaps it was the never ending curiousity of my dear little cousin, Theorotica.  Your plan is weak, daddy, they all know what's going on and are sending out guardians and watchers as we speak.  This will never work."
     "Eros, my good lad," Ares stated. "Shut up."
     "Shut up?  Oh, that's just great, I come in here with valueable information that will keep you one step ahead and what do I get?  Thank you Eros, Your information is well received?  Good work, Eros, now we can do something else?  No, Shut up that's the thanks I get."
     "Eros," Ares continued, "The harbinger is a ruse,  It's my plan 'Beta'."
     "Plan 'Beta'?" Eros was surprised, "Well, why didn't you say so?  So what's the plan 'Alpha'?"
    "Yes, Ares," Neptune added, "What is plan 'Alpha'?"
     Ares and the three fates looked at each other and smiled,  they knew their plan was going to work just fine but only by keeping it to themselves.
     "Wonderful," Said Eros, "You just keep it your little secret and leave us all in the dark."
     "Yes, Eros," Answered the fate Atropos, "We will."
     "So, the secular community thinks we're making a harbinger?"  Ares smiled, "This is going to be easier than I imagined.  They'll waste time protecting mortals and... Well, let's just celebrate our victory."
     The lord works in mysterious ways and Angels have learned alot from their creator over the years.  For as Ares and company we're preparing for victory the Cerephyn Councillor held a secret meeting with a few members of the All high Choir.  These Council Chambers were of the utmost class, hallowed in every respect.  Ceilings reached heights unseen, walls spanning farther than any on earth, a true miracle to say the least.  The Chambers glowed brightly from the halos above the members, ivory white walls surrounded the room which was bathed in a spectrum of color.  Although this meeting was most serious.
     "Has Theorotica gone to Earthland?" Asked Gabriel, leader of the All high Choir.
    "Yes," Responded madam Councillor, "We put her on a false assignment for now."
     "Good, timing is everything in this plan." Gabriel added.
     "I still think this is a terrible thing to do to her." The Councillor commented, "I wish there were another way."
     "We've been over this before and there is no other way."
     "Well, the pagans think we're looking for a harbinger." The Councillor added.
     "And Theorotica?" Gabriel asked.
     "Same thing, this is a very tight secret between us."
     "Let's keep it that way.  The slightest error now could truly be the end of all that we know to exist." Gabriel stated.
     Back on earth, however, our guardian is doing what Angels do while working.
     In the big modern city you may lot's of people but loneliness is still in abundance.  We find our guardian watching a lone female enjoying  her tea time in a local coffee shop. 
     "Nicole Thomlinson," Theorotica said to herself quietly as she read her assignment, "Eighteen years old, high school grad, going to college shortly.  Nothing out the ordinary...Why am I watching her?"
     "Perhaps to protect her from me." A strange female voice said behind.
     "Drat," Theorotica sighed then turned around to see her, "Auntie venus, I presume." She said, "I should have known you would be in on this."
     That's right, Goddess of love, Mighty Aphrodite, Venus was Theorotica's aunt.  You see Venus and Ares had a marriage going and during which they gave birth to Eros, who we already met.  Auntie Venus was a distinguished woman.  Not at all looking her true age, still in good shape, maybe the odd wrinkle.
     "Hey!" Venus barked, "Get on with it, lousy narrator."
     "Who are you talking to?" Asked Theorotica.
     "Never mind.  So, dear niece, who exactly are you supposed to be guarding?"
     "That information is irrelevant."
     "Is it?  According to treatise I have the right to bring love into the live's of those who deserve it." Venus responded.
     "Fine, bring some to that guy, he looks lonely." Theorotica said, making her wise crack.
     "No, I'm actually here for her." Venus pointed to Nicole.
     "Really," Theorotica said, "So is this how your going to form your harbinger?  Okay, I'll play along and see which human form Uncle Ares is going to take."
     "Leave now, Theorotica, take what little dignity you have with you." Venus responded snidely. "I have work to do."
     The love Goddess moved on toward the girl, Theorotica kept watch being ready for anything.  A young man was at the counter waiting for his order and our angel got an idea.  She walked up beside him, he was tall, in shape, the sports jacket said 'quarterback' so immediately Theorotica gave her approval.
     "See that girl over there?" She asked him, knowing mortals could never hear her physically, "Buy her a coffee and go talk, go."
     The inspiration stuck, as the server brought his cup he impulsively ordered a second one.
     "Good," Smiled Theorotica, "Now remember, be nice and stay with her.  Auntie Venus is not going to win this."
     Upon getting his other coffee the young man turned and confidently walked up to Nicole, who was still sitting alone.
     "Hi," He greeted as he sat down across from her, "I bought you a coffee."
     Confused by this act, Nicole stared blankly.  Theorotica walked up and did her thing.
     "Okay, he's talking to you," She said to her, "Now you talk."
     "So, you think your a muse now, do you?" Asked Venus in an irate voice, "Nobody's going to listen to you."
     "Quiet, I'm busy," Theorotica responded.
     "You are interferring."
     "Look, you say they're not going to listen anyway.  What do you care?"
     Venus got angry and pulled Theorotica away by the hair, "Listen you brat," She started, "I've been working on this for months and your not going to wreck it!"  She then put Theorotica in an ethereal choke hold, using both Goddess hands on her neck and lifting her off the ground.
     Choking, our angel resisted knocking Aphrodite's hands away and landing on her feet.  She spun quickly and landed a solid roundhouse kick to the midsection.  Venus, however, was quick to grab Theorotica's foot and with a swift pull fell her to the ground.
     "I'm not weak like those Fates are, Theorotica." She said, twisting the angel's leg, "You'll have to do better."
     In a flash, Theorotica rolled with the twist and kicked Venus square in the jaw, the Goddess flew backward from the impact.  Theorotica spun in mid air and landed on her feet, in time for a lunge punch to her face that sent her backwards.  Venus pounced into position to continue the beating but Theorotica moved clear in time and defended.  She sprung to her feet as Venus attempted a high kick,  Theorotica moved clear and gave solid elbow shot directly towards Aphrodite's face but missed as the Goddess vanished into thin air.
     Meanwhile, the Mortals had no idea of the melee and went about their lives.  The young man was alone with his coffee and Nicole was nowhere to be seen.  Theorotica took a second to catch her breath a gain her bearings but could not relocate her assignment. 

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