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Theorotica: Chapter 08 Conclusion

     Later... A very sad Apathicon sat alone in Purgatory.  His surroundings did not change but somehow everything was different.  His apathy was converting into rage, anger against Hades, Ares and the 'whole lot of them'.  The beer was not nearly as tasty and the solitude was not as comforting but what was he to do?  He hated Earthland and would not even consider going back,  he hated the Pagans and would never join them and The Secular committee already ejected him;  He had nowhere else to go.
     Apathicon sighed as he opened up another beer and drank from it.  The silence that surround him seemed to echo as he sat and stared at the nothingness from his lawnchair.
     "This is no time for a vacation," A solemn voice said to him.
     "Have a seat, Apollo," Apathicon greeted, conjuring up a lawnchair.
     "No," Apollo refused, "I've come to say that was a brave thing you did earlier and now that I have an ioda of respect for you, a warning."
     "Yeah, I know, the Pagans are going to attack at sunset and..."
     "You make fun of too much, you know that!" Apollo said sternly, "You saw what happened there, now you just and wait for everything to fall apart."  Apollo sighed and sat down, "So be it."
     The pair sat and looked out into nothingness for a while.  The silence began to grow almost creepy to Apathicon.  'Doesn't he have something else to do?' He wondered.
     "Yep," Commented Apollo, "It doesn't get any better than this."
     "What do you want?" Apathicon inquired, he could not take the tension anymore.
     "To spend time with my new son," Apollo responded, "I see no harm in that."
     Again, silence fell between them. 
     "I'm busy now," Apathicon said politely, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
     "Leave? Busy?" Apollo questioned, "What are you 'BUSY' doing?"
     "I'm thinking."
     "Thinking?" Apollo continued, "About revenge no less."
     Apathicon made no comment.
     "Ares and company are locked up in Tartarus.  They won't be out for at least ten millenia, I'd say that gives you plenty of time to think about your 'Revenge'."
     "So you've come to make my life miserable." Apathicon sighed.
     "Oh, you're such a whiner," Apollo responded, "You have no clue about 'Misery'."
     "Oh, enough," Apathicon said back to him, "I don't want to hear it."
     "No! No you don't want to hear it but you're going to anyway." Apollo responded, "While you plan on sitting here 'Thinking' about your revenge, my daughter is going to be on Earthland dealing with all those 'Mortal Problems'."
     "What are you talking about?" Apathicon questioned.
     "What did you think happens to us when we die?" Apollo continued, "Nothing ends, it just flows on.  When that bomb went off and took my daughter, she went and joined her brother."
     "Her brother, Linus," Apollo explained, "Ares got Hercules to kill him.  You want to talk misery and revenge boy?  He killed both my offspring."
     "I'm sorry," Apathicon commented.
     "Sorry?  Well at least that's a start," Apollo added, "This is why I was against you being with her from the beginning.  What about my pain? My suffering?  She is my daughter."
     "What do want from me?" Apathicon asked.
    "Nothing?" Apathicon stated, "You've come all this way for nothing?"
     "That's right," Apollo continued, "But if there's one thing you should know it's this.  Theorotica will re-incarnate and seeing as an even number of spirits were killed, she goes on without a mate."
     Apathicon felt a painful stab in his chest.
     "I figured, since you went through Earthland under such conditions, you'd feel better knowing someone else is also going through the same thing." Apollo stated.
     "Leave me alone," Apathicon demanded, holding in his feelings.
     Without a word, Apollo rose up and left.  Now Apathicon was all alone.
     He fell asleep and began dreaming.  Memories of the past few days filled his head.  With every passing image he could see Theorotica's smile.  The time she sent him to hell, the days on Earthland, the day they rode Pegasus, everything they did.
     "Well, the new God sleeps." A voice said softly.  This woke up Apathicon when he opened his eyes he saw the Cerephyn Councillor.
     "Enjoying your new power already?" She questioned.
     "Oh, great," Apathicon responded sarcastically, "Why can't you leave me alone?"
     "Alone?" Madam Councillor inquired, "You think this is bad, wait until your followers arrive.  They'll hound you night and day."
     "Oh...." He cried out.
     "Yes, that's right, followers!" Madam Councillor said more sternly, "And once you gain power, here come the Pagans to attack and conquer.  Once they have Purgatory and you,  well, I guess it's all over."
     "Apollo explained all that." Apathicon commented.
     "Did he?" Madam Councillor said, "And did he tell you how you'd gain such power?  Did he tell you how Theorotica would be lonely on Earthland and want to talk to you?  And she will try to talk to you."  Madam Councillor continued, "And when she does, she will look like she's in prayer and before you know it other Mortals will do as she does."
     Apathicon took a deep breath, trying to hold back his emotions.
     "I just wanted to tell you all of this," Madam Councillor stated, "I figure that as a Mortal who went through Earthland all alone, You, of all people should understand what she's about to go through."
     This was becoming too much for him, a tear welled up in his eye as more and more memories of Theorotica filled his head.  He truly was missing her.
     "It's that way," Madam Councillor said, pointing towards the Gates of Heaven, "Go."
     "Thank-you," Was his final word to her as Apathicon took off and began flying at full speed in the correct direction.  He flew past the Gates and landed and the back of the line for the rollercoaster.
    "Theorotica!" He yelled frantically, pushing his way through the line up of souls waitning their turn.
     Theorotica, however, was already getting on the rollercoaster train and unable to hear him.  She was downhearted and sad about leaving behind the only life she's known.
     "It's okay," She said quietly to herself, "You've been alone before, most of your life, you can do this."  Clearly she was not ready to leave. 
     "Just think how smart you'll be," She continued, talking to herself, "You've seen over two-thousand years of history, you may even be clairvoiant."  Tears were swelling up in her eyes, her self consolation was not effective.  She sat in her seat, alone, with an empty seat beside her.  Behind her, all the cars had two people in them, side by side and all matched up.
     "Theorotica!" Apathicon's voiced yelled, this time catching her attention as he pushed his way through the line of somewhat annoyed souls.  A smile came over her face as she watched him run towards her and sit down in the once empty seat.
     "I thought you hated this ride?" She asked him.
     "I don't know," He responded, "Maybe it's not bad, if I'm with the right person."
     She smiled again and the two embraced and kissed lovingly.  The train began to move up the first hill.  The sound of the chain pulling them clacked, like a timer counting down a gigantic event.
     "It's big world, you know," She told him, a quiver of fear shot down her back, "What if we get lost?"
     "Then I will spent my life searching for you," He answered.
     "No," She responded as the train reached the top of the hill and began the curve into the first drop, "I'll find you."
    With a brilliant flash of light, the train went into the first drop and accelerated.  Apathicon was no longer a concern to the netherworld and shock wave of relief seemed to course outward to all factions.  Purgatory was again neutral territory and all Gods resumed life, abiding by the treaty.
     Apollo and Caliope watched from a distance and smiled at each other.  They knew their little girl would be okay, at least not alone. 
     The Cerephyn Councillor held one more meeting at Godsummit,  they voted 'yes' to a clause that prevent ANY God from intervening with Mortal existence to this extent and thus prevent all of this from happening again.
     Ares and company were locked up in Tartarus for their crimes.  Zeus saw to it that they were stripped of certain powers to never do this again.
     And finally, as our heroes went off to their greatest adventure of all, St. Francis saw the train go down the drop and wrote, "And in dying, we are born to eternal life..."
     "Hey, Francis," His bossed yelled to him, "You done that prayer yet?"
     "Just finishing," St. Francis responded as he jotted down his idea.
     -THE END-
    "What the..?" Theorotica asked, "I'll find you??? Who writes this crap??"
    "What?" Apathicon said defensively, "That's the way the story goes."
    "Goes?  Excuse me, I was there," She piped up, "Sit down, I'll tell you what really happened.  Back it up...." Theorotica continued as the scene went into rewind, "Okay, we killed the Harbinger.  Then, Grampa Zeus, Dad and I incarcerated Uncle Ares and Hades etcetera and put them in Tartarus.  Then, I went back to Olympus and kicked Apathicon's ass for taking so long in helping me fight that damn thing!"
     "You kicked??!" Apathicon defended, "OH. Honey, I don't think so."
     "That's what happened," Theorotica maintained.
    "No, no," Apathicon said, "Back it up," (Here we go again) "Okay, we killed the Harbinger and saved all Mortals.  Then, Theorotica regroups with us and she looks at me with her sultry eyes and gets all sexy and she says, (Theorotica's voice) 'Hey stud'.  To which I said, 'Let's do the 'Grease' ending!'"
     And thus, the whole lot of them broke into the song, 'You're the one that I want' from that wonderful broadway musical/movie.
     -THE END- (for real this time)
     "Or is it?" Inquired Ares.

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