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Theorotica: Chapter 06, The Party.

     Upon returning to the palace, our spirits landed softly in the lush, green grass.  They dismounted Pegasus and walked her over to the stables.  By now, the sun was setting and twilight filled the Olympian horizon.  As they walked along, Apathicon began singing, "She ran calling Wildfire...she ran calling 'Wild-fire'...She ran calling Wi-i-i-i-ld fi-ire..."
     "Enough with that annoying song!" Theorotica protested, as they entered the stable.  Then a voice from around the outside corner cried out, "I inspired that!!  Waahhh....!!"
     "Oh no, Serendipity, I'm sorry. I didn't  know you were here." Theorotica explained.  She then turned to Apathicon and stated, "See what you made me do??"
     "Me?" He responded, "You said it was annoying.  Quite frankly, I can think of more annoying tunes," He  added, "Ever heard, 'Billy don't be a hero'?"
     "Waaahhh!!...." The muse cried as she ran off towards the castle.
     "She inspired that one too," Theorotica stated.
     "Okay," Apathicon calmly, "I don't want to keep putting my foot in my mouth.  What else did she inspire?"
     Theorotica waved her hand and her 'palm pilot' appeared, "Let's see," She said, referencing Serendipity's works, "Here we are, works include, Heaven's Gate, Ishtar, Leonard part six and the hit song 'Sunshine and lollipops' recorded by Leslie Gore."
     "Well, at least she did one good thing," Apathicon commented.
     They put Pegasus away and wandered on over to the atrium, where guests were gathering for the party.  Tables were set up with every food and beverage imaginable.  Torches lit the area well and complimented the glow of the Angels' Halos. 
     The first of the guests arrived, Angels representing the Secular committee, Madam Councillor and others.  Also present were Gods representing Val Halla and the Egyptian beliefs.  A  few guests congrigated together in the Atrium, as the pair walked past they overheard...
      "So, the nymph wakes up and I greet her by saying, 'Hello, I'm Thor,'  And she says, 'You're Thor??!  I've been doing this for five dayth thtraight!'"
     The small group laughs loudly at Thor's joke.
     "Five days straight," Cracks Hermes, "Thor, you still got it."
     "Same old dirty joke, hey Thor?" Theorotica said, approaching the norse God.
     "Theorotica," He greeted her with a hug, "How are you?"
     Thor gently released her, "And you must be the new God we're inaugerating."
      "I am Apathicon," He politely stated, "Nice to meet you."
      "I'm Thor."
      "You think you're Thor? Try riding Pegathuth." He said.
     Laughter came over the group.  "You're okay," Thor smiled, "Have a Beer."
     "Don't mind if I do," Apathicon said, with a wave of his hand two beers appeared.  He gave one to Theorotica and opened the other for himself.
     "Impressive!" Thor said with delight, "Odin, Crom, this guy makes beer."
     "What??" Exclaimed Odin as he turned around, "I missed that, do that again."
     Apathicon waved his hand and a six pack materialized.  "Beverage?" He offered.
     Apathicon distributed the beer as the vikings laughed and drank.
     "So, you're the Norris Division?" He asked
     "We are Norse Gods, yes," Odin confirmed.
     "And we love a good party," Thor confirmed as he grabbed a passing nymph and kissed her, "I've got a big bolt for you," he commented as the nymph giggled and walked away.
     "I hope he's talking about lightning," Theorotica said quietly to Apathicon.
     "Yeah," He agreed.
     The pair walked along and resumed mingling with other guests.  As they moved, a God approached them.  He was Apollo, son of Zeus, Father of Theorotica.  Drink in hand, he worked his way through the guests and confronted Apathicon.
     "So," Apollo started, facing the Purgatory God, "You think you deserve all this..."
    "Well, no," He responded.
    "Well, no!!" Apollo continued, "Of course you don't!"
     "Dad, I..." Theorotica interjected.
     "Theorotica, you know you're my special daughter but why do always see the wrong things in everyone??" He asked, then turned to Apathicon, "I asked you a question, Mortal.  What makes you think you're so special to deserve all of this?"
     "Okay, look," Started Apathicon, "I don't know what your problem is but I am alot like the rest of you 'Gods'."
     "You think so?" Apollo questioned, "What do you know about being a God?"
     "I know I'm just another selfish being who sits around doing his thing," Apathicon responded, "Only my 'thing' does not involve hurting people."
     "No," Apollo stated, "Your 'thing' is the way of indifference and that is the greatest hurt of all."
     By this point a number of guests had gathered to witness the commotion.
    "Up yours, Apollo!" Apathicon responded, "Self righteous, hypocrite!   You were never there for Theorotica so don't tell me about indifference.  I WAS a Mortal, I EXPERIENCED indifference every day on Earthland."
     "You reap what you sew," Apollo commented.  Then took a swig of wine.
     "Point, Apollo," Jesus stated as he watched the discussion.
     Apathicon was getting irate, 'I thought this was supposed to be a party?' he thought to himself, "Reaping and Sewing are two way streets.  Bring unto your brothers what they have brought unto you," He said.
     "Point, Apathicon," Jesus declared calmly.
     "And another thing, Apollo," Apathicon continued, "When was the last time you were sewed on?"
     "Whoah..." The guests quietly muttered.  It's not often someone talks back to Apollo.
     "You think your sufferance is so different?" Apollo sarcastically questioned, "Oh, look, lets all feel sorry for this pathetic Mortal,"
     "My sufferance is my own," Apathicon retorted, "More importantly it's not really the issue here."
     "Then what is the issue here?" Apollo responded, "A Mortal doesn't want to re-incarnate, why?  So he can drag my daughter all over Earthland and try to ruin her life."
     "Hey!" Theorotica defended.
     "You reap what you sew, boy," Warned Apollo.
     "Right," Apathicon started, "But you've never watched your proverbial 'seed' get scattered in the wind of ignorance and eaten by the crows of predjudice."
     "Aaahhh..." The guests quietly commented in response.
     "Then get more seed," Apollo said snidely and walked away with the last word.
     "Point and Game, Apollo," Jesus commented, "Sorry, James, you lost that one."
     "I'm Apathicon."
     "I've known you longer as 'James'," Jesus responded and walked away with the last word.
     The crowd dispersed as the discussion was over.
     "I'm off to a good start," Apathicon said with disappointment.
     "Don't worry," Theorotica comforted, "They'll warm up to you."
     The dinnerbell sounded.  The buffet was to begin as the guests calmly lined up to fill their plates.  Theorotica and Apathicon walked slowly to the end of the line.  Ahead of them were three long tables, each loaded with a variety of food.  Lamb, beef, fish and other meats graced one table.  Figs, grapes, fruits and vegetables of every kind graced another while the third had a wide variety of wines and ales.  This was truly a party.
     The line moved steadily and soon Theorotica and Apathicon were at the meat table.
     "MMmmm..." Apathicon Commented as he grabbed some chicken wings and put them on his plate, "I never thought I'd see these again."
     "Sounds like we found a fan of your chicken, Salantu," A dark God said behind them.
     "Oh..." Apathicon drooled, "Jerk chicken, this stuff is awesome."
     "I'm glad you like it," The dark Goddess responded.
     "Oh, excuse me, I'm Apathicon, Purgatory God" He introduced and this is my Goddess, "Theorotica."
     "Demi-Goddess, actually," She greeted with a handshake.
     "I am Salantu, Voodoo Goddess and this is my husband, Nambutu, Voodoo God." She introduced.
     "Voodoo?" Theorotica asked, "I didn't know that was a religion?"
     "It isn't," Nambutu responded, "At least not yet but, Apathicon, he opened the door to a new treatise and maybe now we can get recognized."
     "Anybody that makes chicken this good deserves to be recognized," Apathicon commented.
     "Ha, ha, Eat well, I'm glad you like them," Salantu responded.
     "What, um, part of the chicken is that, exactly?" Theorotica inquired.
     "Wings," Nambutu answered, "Well, it was nice meeting you.  I am going to eat and we shall talk later." He and his wife walked away.
     "These are so good," Apathicon stated as he and Theorotica walked the other way.
     "Gimme those!" She commanded. A mortified expression was on her face, "Wings? That's sacrilege, what were you thinking?"
     "What?" He defended as she took the wings away.
     "Angels have wings," She explained, "What are you? A cannibal?"
     "I'm not an Angel," He said in his defense, "Niether are you, so what's the problem?"
     "It's creepy," She said, "Here, have a grape."
     "A grape?" Apathicon said with disappointment, "And would it be cannibalism if Grapes grew out of Angels' heads?"
     "Well," Theorotica responded, "It's a good thing for you they don't."
     The dinner was soon over and the time for mingling had arrived.  Theorotica began her socializing while Apathicon remained true to his nature. 
     In a quiet spot in the atrium, Apathicon conjoured up a lawnchair and sat down.  He paused for a moment to absorb the atmosphere and look over the guests then he conjured up a beer.  Sitting and watching as the party went on, well, it wasn't that much of a party.  The norris division was now singing viking songs while another group of Gods discussed philosophies.
     "Hello again, Apathicon," Salantu greeted as she and Nambutu approached.
     "Hey, how's it goin'?" Apathicon said then waved his hand to conjure up two lawnchairs, "Have a seat."
     "Don't mind if I do," Nambutu said as he sat down.
     Salantu and Nambutu were now seated and the trio watched the party for a moment, "Beer?" Apathicon offered as he waved his hand and conjured up two cans.
    "Thank-you," Nambutu responded, taking the beverages and handing one to Salantu.
     "Look at them," Salantu commented, "So much power and so little idea of what to do with it."
     Apathicon paused for a second to contemplate her statement, "You have much insight," He said in agreement.
     "The only ones with the right idea are the Titans," Nambutu pointed out, "They just live in peace,"
     "Well, Zeus and a few others have the same idea," Apathicon said in their defense, "But for the most part, yeah you're right."
     "So much ambition to toss around," Salantu added, "Every plan contradicts the other one."
     "I know, it's crazy," Apathicon concurred, "Angels want to be like Mortals, Mortals want to be Gods, Gods want to be Titans and Titans want to be like me.  Just hanging out."
     "If we were content with ourselves this would be a boring place," Nambutu added.
     "I suppose," Apathicon said.
     "So," Salantu asked, "Is that how you wound up here?"
     "Excuse me?"
     "Were you not content with yourself?" She inquired.
     "As a Mortal? No," Apathicon responded, "It's a long story."
     "It's not a matter of length," Salantu commented, "The real question is 'How does it end?'"
     "Ha, ha," Nambutu laughed, "She says your story is not long enough, that's funny."
     "Yeah," Laughed Apathicon, "Not long enough."
     "A piece of advice for you, Apathicon, on the eve of your inaugeration." Salantu added, "Power is like an erection... Easy to achieve but sometimes difficult to maintain."
     "I like that," He smiled.
     "And for liking my jerk chicken wings, I give you this," She added. 
     Salantu pulled out a silver Amulet.  Thin, but well forged metal.
     "It's an 'A', inscribed in an upsidedown scale," She explained.
     "For Libra, your zodiac sign," Nambutu added, "Upside down, like you, balanced but backwards."  He chuckled.
     "I'm a Virgo," Apathicon said.
     "You were born on the cusp and that makes you Libra," Salantu confirmed.
     "Before you take it..." Nambutu said calmly "Here," He took the amulet and  sprinkled some kind of dust on it, "Now you will be invincible."
     "I'm a God," Apathicon responded, "I'm already invincible."
     "Are you?" Nambutu questioned, "Here," He handed Apathicon the amulet and it almost made it into his hands when...
     "Hey, what's this?" Theorotica asked, grabbing the jewellery, "This is nice."
     She held it upside down and looked it over, "See, it's a 'T' and two extensions are wings, Angel wings."
     "Uh.. Yeah," Apathicon confirmed with some sarcasm.
     "Actually, it looks better that way," Agreed Salantu, "Here, let me put that on a chain for you."  She took the amulet and installed a silver chain to it.
     "Here you are, Theorotica," Salantu said as she put it around her neck.
     A group of musicians began playing and music filled the air of the atrium.
     "Come on," Theorotica said to Apathicon, grabbing him by the hand, "Let's dance."
     "Yes," Smiled Nambutu, "Let's all dance, celebrate life."
     They all got up and proceeded to the open floor.  The dancing had started and the night progressed onward, a true celebration was at hand. 
     Zeus, the happy host that he is, was mingling and smiling at the fact that all were enjoying themselves.  'They can put their differences aside.' He thought to himself, 'At least for a little while.'
     As the party went on, soon even Ares and the Fates were loosening up and having fun.  This was astouonding to all, especially Ares.
     The music, dancing, socializing and celebrating continued.  In time, the fire calmed down and only the embers burned on.  Apathicon was back on his lawnchair and Theorotica was beside him, they were both restless.
     "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" She asked him.
     Almost immediately they were back at cloud nine.  Both lying on their backs, staring up at the starlit skies of the universe.  The quiet moments they had were wonderful and Apathicon showed his affection by snuggling up close to her.  He kissed her gently on the cheek at first then she turned towards him and intense kissing began, mouth to mouth.  The cloud descended on them a second time and soon they were at the climactic point of rapture.
     This was a great day for Apathicon and an even better day for Theorotica.  For the first time in a long time there was no conflict, no fighting, no dealing with the enemy.  Not that any of that truly mattered at this exact, albeit magical, moment but nonetheless these thoughts were in the back of their minds.
      This moment, however, truly belonged to them.

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