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purchase manuscript: Theorotica and the Fires of Inspiration
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Now Available!
THEOROTICA and the            
fires of  Inspiration          
Copyright (C) James Janos 2004                                                            

Now Available!  The first story in the Theorotica series.
     A time of change has come for both Gods and Mortals.  The expanding Roman Empire is conquering new territory, disecting cultures and assimilating what it wants while disposing of all else.
     Foreseeing an early demise to this Empire, the Muses of Mount Olympus decide on a different path and choose employment with the Angels of Heaven.
     Now, Caliope is caught up in the firestorm of chaos and must deal with the changes in the Netherworld while attempting to re-build her relationship with Apollo and somehow balance her work with raising her daughter, Theorotica.
     ....Written with youthful spirit, this fast paced and gripping story is a delight until the end.  Mind opening and inspiring, it is truly an excellent escape.
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