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Theorotica: Chapter 05: The mount.

     A short time passed and Theorotica, not capable of sleep, realized that her 'God' Partner had done just that.  She knew that he'd be safe there for awhile so she got up and proceeded towards Heaven, taking advantage of this quiet time to visit her mother, Caliope.  Approaching Heaven's gate, she felt strange, not the same feeling she had on other assignments.  In the past she would normally feel relieved about 'coming home' as at one point this was the only 'home' she knew. 
     This was no longer her home though, being ejected made her realized that all things are disposable, including her.  She was still welcomed as a familiar guest, however, as St. Peter waved her in without question.  This action in itself made her feel awkward, 'Why didn't he say anything?' she thought as she walked on into the kingdom.  She passed by the crowd waiting in line for the 'Re-incarnation Roller coaster'.  As people disembarked, Theorotica overheard their comments.
    "It's awesome!" Yelled one man.
    "Yeah, slow at first, then the sudden drops, the twists, turns and loops! Let's go again!" An excited woman emphatically agreed as the Mortal souls got back in line to 'live again'.
    Another strange feeling was coming over her.  'All that time I spent on Earthland alone', she thought, 'Never gave it a notice, go on one lousy assignment with that beer-swilling Apathicon and now it all seems different.'  Theorotica continued to the infirmary and down the halls to Caliope's room.
     Inside, Caliope was not improving much.  She was resting quietly and did not recognize Theorotica at first, she just sat and stared blankly at the walls.  A nurse entered to check up on her.
     "Hello, Theorotica," The nurse greeted politely as she walked into the room and approached Caliope.
    "Hi," Theorotica responded, "How is..?"
     "She's the same as always," The nurse said with discouragement.
     "Those nineteen-sixties really did her in, huh?" Theorotica commented, trying to lighten up the conversation.
     "Actually it was the Beatles," The nurse corrected, "Four mop tops that recieved more inspiration than any Mortal was supposed to endure."
     "Yeah, good thing Jesus became a fan," Theorotica smiled.  She was concerned with her mother's well being and missed her 'healthier and happier days' but nonetheless, Theorotica was proud of all of her mother's accomplishments.  As a Muse, in her younger days, Caliope inspired Mortals to do outstanding works of art, music and literature.  She was a major influence on early greek art, a key player in the renaissance and inspired Mortals right on up to the twentieth century when she completed her masterpiece, the sixties.
     Of course, Theorotica was also a bit disappointed by her mother placing far more emphasis on work than raising her.  She quietly watched over Caliope, trying to only remember the good times.
     Content that the situation was well in hand, the nurse left them in peace.  Theorotica sat down at the bedside and continued to watch.
     "Your journey is not over," Caliope said softly.
     "Sssshhh, just rest," Theorotica whispered as she gently stroked her forehead.
    "You have changed, Theorotica," Caliope stated, "You have met someone,"
    "Yeah," Theorotica smiled, "I could never hide anything from you, could I?"
    "No, you could not," Caliope said softly, "So, tell me about him."
    "Well, he's a God.... Sort of and he has his own domain, such as it is..."
     "Purgatory is a dull place," Caliope said, rescuing her awkwardness.
     "You know about him," Theorotica winced.
     "I hear much when they think I'm resting," Caliope added, "Theorotica, if there's one thing I could always trust about you, it's your judgement.  You know character, you see much that is not revealed."
     "So, I have your blessing??" Inquired Theorotica.
     "Mine and several others, yes." Answered Caliope, "Maybe you can make Purgatory interesting."
     "Well, I don't know about that,"
     "It doesn't matter, Theorotica, just be happy," Caliope said.
     "I hear they're having a meeting," Caliope added, "If you are going, be on guard."
     "I know, Uncle Ares has..."
     "Ares and Hades have teamed up," Caliope whispered, "They have a God killing weapon."
     "Really?" Whispered Theorotica, "They never told me that."
     "They have already killed an Angel," Caliope said softly, "You know what happens when Angels die."
     "Yeah," Theorotica said, "I'll be real careful."
     "You know what this means for your Purgatory God." Caliope said with a slight nod and smile.  The motion as if to say everything by saying nothing.
     "Right," Theorotica smiled, getting her point, "This puts a whole new spin on things."
     "It most certainly does," The Cerephyn Councillor said as she entered the room and closed the door, "That 'dead' Angel became a mortal soul and re-incarnated just now.  The good news is, that girl the Fates and Ares killed now has a life partner.  The bad news is, Even if this stupid Apathicon decides to Re-incarnate he'd still be without and we would be right back to square one."
     "Madam Councillor, I don't think he wants to Re-incarnate," Theorotica replied.
     "And that's supposed to make me feel better." The Councillor responded, "Ares really has us by the wings."
     "Don't look at me," Caliope said, "I'm retired, It's been a hard days night..."
     "I can handle Apathicon," Theorotica said, "It's easy, he's harmless."
     "Keep him that way," The Councillor added, "By the way, where is Purgatory boy?"
     Purgatory boy, that is Apathicon, was still asleep at the time.  In his blissful slumber, visions of followers came to him wanting to learn of his ways.  His dream was one where he sat in his lawnchair with his 'flock' seated on the ground and facing him.
    "What is the true wisdom of apathy?" Asked a student.
     Apathicon took a deep cleansing breath and began, "I am not your social worker," He responded.
     The flock stared back at him they did not understand.
     "When a stranger comes forth with a complaint of any degree, the root of the problem lies within himself and not with the external elements.  I cannot reach inside to 'fix' his problem and thus it, like all things, lie beyond my control.  That which is beyond my control,  cannot be controlled by me and therefore if I cannot hold it I have no choice but to let it go."
     "But master?" Another inquired, "Social worker??"
     "They are devoted to reaching into a specific soul in need," Apathicon responded, "A commendable act I admit but it is time consuming and takes much effort.  To do this with all is too large a task for one and therefore beyond his control."
     "AAaaahhhh...." The crowed sighed with enlightment.
    "So then, Master," One stated, "It is okay to help friends you know but don't go overboard?"
    "Yeah, something like that," Apathicon replied.
    His mind went blank for a moment and then he awoke.  He was alone, in Purgatory, no followers, no Theorotica.  Immediately he decided that it was time to put his ideas in writing  so he waved he hand and created a blank scroll.  Impressed with his 'Creative ability' He waved again and a pen appeared.  Apathicon picked up his new pen and began to contemplate ideas.  Then he began to write.
     'The book of Apaticon,' He started, using the fine printing taught in a shop-class drafting lesson.  'The path of Apathy is an imperative life skill and thus a disciplined form of learning for all.  Think of how many less people would occupy expensive and valuable prison space if they just said 'I don't care'?'
     'I don't care about the stupid bitch who left me because she wanted her 'precious freedom',' He continued 'And by not caring...My acts will not be percieved as 'stalking' or 'violently harassing'.  So, the wise man will leave her alone and spend the night watching hockey with the guys.  Tomorrow is another day to start another relationship.  Get on with life for it is too short to get hung up on anyone.'
     "Damn!" He yelled as he stopped writing, "I hate writer's block." 
     He picked a beer from his case and opened it,  the cool beverage flowed down into his throat as he drank.
     "Yeah, this is what I need," He sighed, "Peace through apathy,"
     He put his book down on his left side and continued to relax, just staring into the pale blue vastness of Purgatory.  The monochromatic scheme was almost hypnotic as Apathicon faded into calming state.
     "Well, well, if it isn't the Purgatory God" The female voice softly spoke.
     Apathicon slowly opened his eyes and before him stood Venus.
     "Hello, Apathicon," She greeted politely.
     "Venus," Apathicon greeted and pulled a beer from his case, "Cocktail?"
     "Hardly," She responded accepting the beer, "But it'll do."
     "So, what brings the mighty Aphrodite to my humble abode?"
     "I was just thinking," Venus started, then took a drink of beer, "Good beer.  Yeah, I was thinking, why would a God settle for anything less than a Goddess?"
     "What?" He inquired in a dry tone.
     "The rest of Mount Olympus is terrified of you, Apathicon." She explained, "Your might knows no bounds, your abilities have no limits."
     "What?" He re-iterrated.
     "What I am saying is if we get together, you know, unite.  We can take on the entire Netherworld." Venus proposed.
     "Aren't you and Ares..?"
     "An item?" She interrupted, "No, we split up centuries ago.  Besides, Ares is, how you say...a putz."
     "Really," Apathicon commented.
     "Yeah, you know, nobody really likes him and he's really not that good at war which is kind of ironic when you think about it," She said, then took another drink.
     "Well, I thought you were married," Apathicon stated, "And at this moment Purgatory doesn't need a Goddess."
     "You are a true bachelor," Venus commented.
     "Not really," He answered, then took a drink, "I'm hoping Theorotica will stick around."
     "Theorotica?" She exclaimed with gasp, "Theorotica is merely a child,  you are a God.  You deserve someone who can please you."
      "Auntie Venus?" Apathicon said politely, "You're trying to seduce me."
     "I'm trying to bring you to reason you ass!" She said with irritation, "Unite with me and I will save you from an eternity of suffering."
     "I'll take my chances." He said, then swigged some brew.
     "Then you will lose!" She barked.  Immediately she vanished in an irate rage.
     Again, Apathicon was alone with his beer.
     "I really don't understand these Gods," He said to himself, "They all want this??"  He pointed out with both hands to all of Purgatory.  "I just don't get it, thousands of years, nobody wants it and nobody cares.  I come along and wham, it's prime real estate, why??"
     "Well, I have no answer to that," Hades said as he entered the scene, "Apathicon, right?  Nice to meet you, I'm Hades, ruler of the Pagan underworld."
     "Oh, great, another one," Apathicon sighed.
     "Well, when your popular you get visitors." Hades said.
     "Yeah, I suppose," Apathicon replied, then drank some beer, "Beverage?"
     "Don't mind if I do," Hades responded as he accepted the drink, "Now, have you ever once thought 'How did I end up here?'"
     "Book of Apathicon?" Hades said, picking up the new writings, "I think you have thought about it." 
     "It's a book about a dogsled race," Apathicon commented.
     "Really?" Hades exclaimed, "Let's see..." He opened the book and began reading, "Oh, right, and the sled dogs all have issues with their past life experiences?"
     "Yeah," Apathicon retorted then drank some beer.
     "Okay, Apathicon," Hades started as he put down the book, "It's time you learned the truth."
     "There is no truth," Apathicon replied.
     "Oh but there is," Hades continued, "Your precious Theorotica?  She's responsible for all this.  That's right, it was her doing that put you here and if not for her you'd be happier.  Hell, you may even still be alive."
     Hades moved a little closer to stress his arguement, "Alive! Think about it! Earthland, you, your wife, your kids, your sled dog all in your happy little igloo or whatever it is you live in."
     "Igloo??" Apathicon commented.
     "Regardless," Hades argued, "The point is and this book proves it," He said, pointing to the book, "You got a raw deal.  Your friends got hugs, you got the eewww, go away motion.  Your friends had good things said about them, you got trash talked behind your back.  Your friends got happy little lives with spouses, passion, little trips to mexico for a honeymoon and all the little fixin's.  What was in store for you?  Did you not ever stop to question why?"
    "Bad luck, I guess," Apathicon responded, then drank more beer.
    "Bad luck, I guess," Hades said sarcastically then yelled in a Serious tone, "Wise up!!  Have you ever heard that romantic notion, 'there's someone for everyone'?"
    "What about it?" Apathicon inquired.
     "Well, it's true," Explained Hades, "Sappy but true.  And the 'someone' for you died as an infant.  All on account of your dear Theorotica's actions."
     "It's true," Atropos said as she entered, walking closer, "I was there, Theorotica never even tried."
     "Be gone," Apathicon said calmly, waving his hand.
     "Foolish Mortal," Atropos laughed, "I've been around since long before you existed.  Let us tell you about Theorotica."
     "She just cried the whole time," Clothos added, walking onto the scene.
    Lachesis walked in close behind but remained silent.
     "Eyewitnesses," Hades stated, "They were in fact there and because of dear Theorotica's incompetence which, I might add, she was sent there by the Secular Committee to begin with!  You had to sit and watch others get everything while you got.....Well, you got this."
     "I'm happy here," Apathicon replied, drinking more beer, "No mortgage, no visa bills, good T.V. reception,"
     "Always the optimist," Hades noted, "The Secular Committee made you this.  Now is a good time to get even."
     "I'll think about it," Apathicon said calmly.
     "Yes, you will think about it," Hades agreed, "Theorotica put you here, you just think about that while your at Godsummit."
     "Yes, you do think about that while your at Godsummit," The Cerephyn Councillor said upon her entry.
      "Aaarrghh!" Lachesis charged her at full speed.
     "Get lost," The Councillor commented, waving her hand and Lachesis vanished.  Madam Councillor turned and looked at Atropos, "I've been in charge since long before YOU existed."  She said sternly.
     Realizing this a was a good time for a strategic retreat, the remaining Pagans vanished.
     "Good," The Councillor started, then faced Apathicon, "Now, what is so wrong with you that you won't co-operate?"
     "Why won't you leave me alone?" Apathicon responded, "I'm just minding my own business, having a beer."
     "I can't leave you alone because they won't leave you alone," She said with frustration, "You still don't get it, do you?"
     "Oh, I think I'm starting to get it," Apathicon said, "You know, Maybe Hades is right.  Maybe I was gypped, maybe I got the crappy end of the proverbial stick..."
     "We did everything to prevent this!" She yelled in a commanding tone, "Yes, the infant girl was meant for you.  Yes, you went through a lonely existence. All because yes, she died as a baby.   And  yes, Theorotica was there but only to protect her."  The Councillor paused to catch her breath, "I specifically chose her to be the infant's guardian.  Theorotica has a strength and abilities that exceed all other Angels, she's the best we have.  That night, she was ambushed and outnumbered four to one but she gave it all.  We did everything for you and this is how you thank us?"
     Apathicon sat quietly and smiled, Madam councillor was puzzled.
     "What are you smiling at?" She asked.
     "I dunno," Replied Apathicon, "I guess I'm just happy to know that someone was looking out for me... At least once in my life."
      Confused, the Cerephyn Councillor shook her head once and turned around.  Theorotica was righ there, standing behind her.
     "Oh," Madam Councillor commented, "Hello, Theorotica, I suppose you heard all that."
     Without a word, Theorotica gave the Cerephyn Councillor a big ol' hug.
     "Yes...Yes.. There, there," The Councillor said, gently pulling away, "I'm going now, I have to prepare for Godsummit." She said, then looked at Apathicon, "You should prepare also, you don't want to sign anything you can't live up to."
     "See you on Mount Olympus," Theorotica said softly.  The farewell completed, she turned and faced Apathicon, "So, how was your morning?"
     "Oh," Sighed Apathicon, "Theo, I had no idea Purgatory could be so intense," He started, "I like you and all but you have some strange relatives."
He opened a beer and almost took a drink before she grabbed it out of his hand, "Hey..."
     "You have to get up," She stated, "We have a long journey ahead and must leave now if we're going to make it in time."
     "In time for what?" He asked.
     "Grandpa zeus is having a cocktail party," She answered, "Everyone's going to be there."
     "Cocktail party?!" Apathicon said with excitement, "Now you are speaking my language.  Why can't we just fly there?"
     "Because walking is good and it'll give us privacy." She explained, "I have a few really important things to tell you..."
     The two began walking and along the way Theorotica explained about Uncle Ares' Godkilling weapons.  She also explained basic protocol and a few other important things that dignitary should know.  They continued on and on, Purgatory was alot bigger then Apathicon imagined and all the same shade of pale blue.  For a while he was questioning if they were lost but Theorotica knew her way around and in time they saw it in the distance.
     "Mount Olympus," Theorotica pointed out.  A huge mountain range sat ominously on the horizon.  In the centre was the tallest peak Apahticon had ever seen.  From the distance the snow capped peaks reflected the blue sky, like a mirror.  The mountain had rocky terrain, gracefully spotted with large, lush forests of tall trees.  Oaks, Pines, every wood imagineable, towering into the Pagan sky and housing Centaurs, Nymphs, Satyrs and all other forms of life that Apathicon once thought were mythological.
     'Nothing is Mythological anymore,' He thought to himself, 'This journey proves that anything can happen.'
     He and Theorotica approached the base of the mountain and looked up to seemingly unreachable apex.
     "Can we fly now?" He asked, almost whining at the task ahead.
     "Nope," Theorotica said firmly, "As a child, I could easily climb this and I think you can too."
     Apathicon paused for a moment, he had seen mountain climbers and even spent a weekend rock climbing, this was something different.
     "Okay," Theorotica started, "Put on hand firmly in the small crevace and...Lift," She began climbing the cliff bare handed.
     "Oh, Theo, are you sure that's safe?" Apathicon inquired from the base then he realized, "Of  course  it's  safe, we're Gods!  We don't worry about no estinkin' gravity!"  With a smile he began climbing the rock face.  The amazement he felt was astounding, this is no ordinary mountain, this is the Mythological Mount Olympus.  Home of Zeus and Theorotica's father, Apollo.  Birthplace of most Pagan gods and Hercules. 
     The climbing continued and they reached the first plateau.  There he saw his first Centaur and a Minotaur.  Despite the size of these creatures, they were quite docile and in no mood to attack.  The grasslands spread out for miles, leading to the outer rings of lush forests.
     "It's beautiful," Apathicon stated, amazed at the entire scene.
     "See what we would've missed if we flew," Theorotica pointed out, "There's alot to be said for taking things slowly,"
     The pair walked on and climbed again, up the next cliff.  The following plateau offered a lake with a waterfall.  Swans and other birds enjoyed its refuge.  The hike continued on and before they knew it they reached the top.
     "What do think so far?" She asked.
     "Yeah, and this is just the beginning," Theorotica said.  No sooner did she finish the statement when they both cleared a ridge and before them was the Palace.  Zeus' Palace to be exact, a huge castle done in the ancient greek tradition.  Columns towered into the sky, supporting a huge solid marble roofs.  Fountains graced the courtyards and off to the side was a stable and full ranch faciltiies. This was truly majestic.  The pair continued walking on towards the palace grounds and as they neared the castle, a figure came into view.  An older God, his eyes were blue as the infinite sky, his hair was white.  Despite his age he was in great shape, as if he were chisled in marble to endure eternity. 
     "Theorotica!" The God exclaimed with joy as he ran toward her.
    "Grandpa!" She recipricated. They ran to each other and hugged, this was a good reunion for both.
     "Oh, how big you've become," He stated as he pulled away from her, "I haven't seen you since you were yay tall," He motioned.
     "It's been awhile," She confirmed, smiling.  By this time Apathicon had finally caught up with her.
     "Awhile?" Zeus questioned, "Last time I saw you, your mother was bringing you back from Earthland, remember?"
     "Yes," She replied, "The Renaissance."  She turned to Apathicon and explained, "I was a teenager, mom wanted to teach me to inspire people the way the Muses do."
     "Yes," Agreed Zeus, "And she almost made it, I still laugh at that tower."
     "Tower?" Apathicon questioned.
     "It's nothing," Theorotica said in a polite defense.
     "Don't be modest," Zeus stated, "She says to these builders 'It's a mess, someone should be in the tower, cleaning.'  The Mortals heard, 'Tower should be leaning,' I'm amazed it stood at all."
     "Well, you live and learn," She said, embarrassed.
     "And the way you kept Michaelangelo painting that ceiling, 'More!  More!' She cried, 'This is for God, remember?'  She wasn't so much a Muse as she was a slavedriver," He explained to Apathicon.
     "Very little has changed," Apathicon commented.
     "Yes," Said Zeus, "You must be the 'New God',"
     "Yes, I am Apathicon," He greeted, "Pleased to meet you."
     "Welcome to my palace," Zeus said pleasantly.  In the distance a Goddess walked along a garden path, "Hera!" Zeus called out, "Come, say hello to your granddaughter!"
     "She's not MY granddaughter," The Goddess responded and kept walking.
     "Aahh, Forget her," Zeus said, "She's been bitter since the beginning, the very beginning.  Theorotica, it is nice to see a cheery face again, Mount Olympus has been so dismal lately."
     "Dismal?" She questioned, "Why is that?"
     "Your Uncle Ares has been stirring things up," He explained as they started walking towards one of the altars, "Of course, you already know all of that.  So come, you must be hungry from your climb.  Oh how you loved to climb, I remember when you taught yourself how, such a brilliant child."
     The trio walked onto the large flat marble floor.  A long table was set, laid out with a variety of grapes, figs, olives and urns of wine.  A few feet away were four chairs and a smaller table.  Surrounding them were columns that seemed to go up forever.
     "Eat, sit," Zeus invited graciously, "Enjoy."
     Apathicon and  Theorotica partake in the small buffet and pour some wine.  Content with their share, they go on to sit down.
     "I gave pegasus an extra trough of oats myself," Zeus started as he sat down with them, "I know how you love to ride her."
     "Pegasus, is she still rideable?" Theorotica inquired.
     "Well, you could say she's as healthy as a horse," Joked Zeus, "Apathicon, do you ride?"
     "Not really,"
     "Not to worry, I'm sure Theorotica will teach you.  Much the same way she taught her cousin."
     "Yeah, Eros fell alot," Theorotica laughed.
     "Alot is right," Zeus agreed, "He never did get the hang of it."
     "Well, I'm sure Apathicon will have better luck," She said.
     "I am so glad you decided to stay with us," Zeus started, "The Mount really needs a big celebration and in some offbeat way Apathicon could pull us all closer together."
     "Yeah, he is offbeat," Theorotica commented.
     "We'll have newcomers to Godsummit this time, representatives from other beliefs wanting recognition."
     "Really?" Apathicon inquired.
     "Yes, the Druids, Wicken, even Voodoo.  They all want in on the treatise."
Zeus explained.
     "Voodoo?" Asked Theorotica.
     "Voodoo," Replied Zeus, "I'm not even sure what it is.  Oh well, the summit will decide it all."
     Just then, the smell of cooked beef wafts over the area.  Apathicon was alomost aroused by the wonderous aroma of something he had not smelled before in the netherworld.
     "Barbeque," He whispered to himself.
     "Yes," Added Zeus, "The Titans are coming too, they are big you know and someone has to feed them."
     "Are the Titans involved in voting and such?" Apathicon inquired.
     "They want to oversee things, keep it moving smoothly," Zeus answered.
     "The Gods do not like big meetings," Theorotica added.
     "Not business meetings at least," Zeus explained, "At least not most of us.  When the secular committee took over, I saw it as a blessing.  A chance to do my thing and enjoy the fruits of my labour.  My ungrateful son Ares on the other hand."
      "I was worried I'd be the one you'd be mad with," Apathicon stated humbly.
     "You?" Zeus laughed, "My boy, I could crush you like a grape.  You are no threat to me.  Ares, now he has this weapon."
     "Theorotica told me all about it."
     "Right, so you two be careful," Zeus added, "Well, I have to make sure things are going well for the party, so if you'll excuse me....And, Theorotica, do not disappoint Pegasus."  Zeus was up and off.
     Theorotica and Apathicon were alone together in the temple.  A nice moment of tranquilty passed between them as they sipped their wine and watched the scenery of Mount Olympus sit before them.
     "It's been a long time but nothing's changed," Theorotica said, breaking the silence.
     "So this is where you grew up?" Apathicon inquired.
     "No, this is where I visited.  I was raised by the Angels,"
     "So, how's mom?" He asked.
     "Mom is fine," Theorotica responded, "Why?"
     "Well, I'm guessing that's where you went.  To visit Caliope?"
     "Yeah, I did and she's fine, tired but fine," Theorotica confirmed, "You sure ask alot of questions for a guy named Apathicon."
     "Just because I'm apathetic, doesn't mean I don't care," He replied.
     "It's like this," Apathicon explained, "You and I have really good, nice converations.  No condecension, no irritations, no 'I don't like you, go away.' attitude."
     "You mean respect?" She asked.
     "Right," He said, "Mutual respect, you give it and I give it back to you."
     "So, where's the apathy?"
     "Well, it's like this," Apathicon started, "On Earthland, Mortals are not always capable of said 'respect'.  Many times they want others to give it to them but they never give it back to anyone.  Ego, it's me, me, me..."
      "So, you never had nice conversation?" She asked.
     "Sure," Apathicon responded, "With family.  Mortal men, however, need more than that."
     "C'mon," Theorotica said getting up and taking him by the hand.
      Apathicon got up and the pair walked along the grounds.  The lush grass was warm on their feet as they made their way to the stables.
     Inside was Pegasus.  All fed and ready to go with a bridle and reigns set.
     "Hi, girl," Theorotica greeted with a smile, "Remember me?"
     Theorotica pet her for a moment and then turned to Apathicon, "Get on."
     They Mounted, Theorotica was in front and holding the reigns while Apathicon was in back, holding onto her.  They were flying high above the palace.  Looking down, they could see all of Mount Olympus.  Palaces of Gods stretched on, seemingly endless.  Lush forests, lakes, rivers and streams all flowed in a spectacular scene of nature. 
     "Grab the reigns," Theorotica told apathicon as they neared a steep cliff.  He held on and Theorotica pushed herself up into a standing position.  They went on, flying over the ninety degree drop and with all her might, Theorotica leaped off.
    "Yaaahooo!!..." She squealed with joy as she flew gracefully in front of Pegasus.  The mythical horse lowered altitude abruptly as Theorotica did a double somersault in the air, during her rapid descent.  Then softly, almost effortlessly, she landed on Pegasus' back.  Into her original postion just in time to swoop up and away from the rocky plateau below them.  They climbed altitude again and continued flying up along the valley wall. 
     "Okay, there's the border," Theorotica pointed out beneath them, "We are in the outskirts of Heaven, now." 
     They continued to fly a short distance.  
     "There it is," Theorotica said with a smile.
     "What?" Apathicon asked.
     Without a word, Theorotica pointed down at a flat cliff perched on the valley wall.  A white, fluffy cloud was over it and slowly desended onto the flat, stone surface.
     "Cloud nine," She said with a smile, "This place was strictly forbidden as a child."  She explained as they lowered altitude to land on the cliff, "The Angels come here to, as they put it, 'experience rapture'.  They say it makes them feel like Mortals."
     "You ever try it?" He asked.
     "No," She responded, "But now is a great time."
     The pair landed on the cliff and dismounted Pegasus.  The winged horse took off again almost immediately.
     They were alone on the small, flat cliff.  Above them the cloud was rising up again and they watched silently in awe.
      "Well, may as well get comfortable," Theorotica suggested as she lied down on her back and stared up at the cloud.  Apaticon laid down beside her and stared at the sky as well.  Side by side they lay in silence, watching and waiting.
     "It's descending!" Theorotica said with excitement, "This is so neat, I've never done this before."
     The white cloud gently and slowly lowered onto the cliff again, this time it surrounded Theorotica and Apathicon.  
     They felt the humidity, the warm steamy texture allured them.  Aromas of flowery fragrances gently took over in the atmosphere as a calming sense fell within them.  Relaxed and totally at ease now, something started in both of them.  Visions of each other filled their minds, erotic visions of playful and almost childlike activities.  Running and chasing through forests and fields, catching each other and....  The sensations were powerful, surging through them both.  Their breath grew shorter as the cloud continued it's effect growing more and more intense on their very being.  
     Then all too soon, it ended.  The cloud ascended and again the pair laid quietly, staring skyward, side by side.
     "Wow," sighed Theorotica, taking a deep and relaxing breath.
     "I could use a cigarette," Apathicon commented, "I don't smoke"
     "So, this is what it feels like to be Mortal?" Asked theorotica.
     "Sometimes," He responded, "Mostly it's a huge disappointment though."
     In the moment of peacefulness they found together, they continued to lie still and quietly watch as the sky grew dim and the stars came out. 
     "I wish this moment could on forever," Apathicon whispered softly.
     Theorotica sighed and smiled, "So do I," She agreed, "But we have alot of guests waiting for us."
     The pair slowly got up and walked to the edge of the cliff.  With a whistle, Theorotica called Pegasus to return and she obeyed.  They mounted and rode off, returning to Mount Olympus.

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